Jack Della Maddalena breaks silence on staph infection: “We didn’t really train”

Jack Della Maddalena speaks about dealing with staph infection while he was training for Gilbert Burns.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jack Della Maddalena breaks silence on staph infection: “We didn’t really train”
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The rising UFC welterweight contender Jack Della Maddalena recently revealed that he suffered through injuries and infection before entering the cage with Gilbert Burns. Della Maddalena was battling with a staph infection and was on medication/antibiotics during the fight week.

Instead of withdrawing from the event, Della Maddalena decided to persevere and show up; his coach, Ben Vickers, confirmed that Della Maddalena refrained from training for a week. In spite of all the adversities faced, Jack Della Maddalena rose victoriously with a stunning 3rd round knockout win.

Ben Vickers on Jack Della Maddalena battling with staph infection

Recently, on the Grin Repears podcast, Jack Della Maddalena and his coach, Ben Vickers, spoke about dealing with a staph infection during the fight week.

“Let’s be honest, you limped onto the plane with staph,” Vickers said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “He limped onto the plane on antibiotics the Wednesday before fight week. We’ve got guys pulling out of fights two weeks out with staph.

Jack was never going to pull out, but unfortunately, we lost a week of training. Jack’s always ready, so that’s not the end of the world, but the antibiotics are always that unknown, how it’s going to affect your body and how you’re going to bounce back.

But you were good that week”.

Jack Della Maddalena on staph infection and future fight

“We didn’t really train, we just chilled for the first four days we were there. We just had the antibiotics and we were just cruising.

Then on the Sunday I stopped taking the antibiotics and we did a little workout and I felt fine. It’s a fight I’ve wanted for a while, I think the way it works out now, obviously Leon and Belal will fight, so then it’s sort of good timing, me and [Rakhmonov] could fight.

… I like Shavkat’s style. I’ve always sort of wanted to fight Shavkat. I think he’s the best, and I think it’s a pretty challenging fight”.

Gilbert Burns