'The Rock' Helped Me: Michael Page Reveals Inspiration Behind Epic UFC Walkout

'I knew most people didn't know who was stepping into the cage with Kevin Holland. So I wanted to go in with an intimidating approach. And that's why I chose the Undertaker. It worked,' said this charismatic fighter

by Sededin Dedovic
'The Rock' Helped Me: Michael Page Reveals Inspiration Behind Epic UFC Walkout
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After years of dominance in Bellator, Michael "MVP" Page has finally stepped into the world's most elite MMA organization, the UFC. His debut was awaited with a great deal of excitement and curiosity, and Page brought with him a host of changes and ambitious goals.

But in the end, despite the victory, the debut was not as expected, but certainly a great tactical match by Page. Page's debut against Kevin Holland at UFC 299 may not have been spectacular in terms of a brutal knockout, but it was undoubtedly significant in his career as it was the first match for the strongest MMA organization in the world.

The win confirmed Page's ability to compete with the top fighters in the UFC and moved him up the welterweight ladder. Although Page was celebrating the victory, the lack of a knockout was key to his pre-fight announcement that he would end his UFC debut with a knockout stoppage.

“This is everything I imagined. The only thing I didn't plan for was my finish without a knockout," Page told Uproxx Sports. He expressed his desire to return to the cage as soon as possible and continue his winning streak.

His ultimate goal is to win a gold belt, and given his talent and work ethic, that doesn't seem like an impossible mission. "The goal is to string together a few big wins and then go get that shiny gold belt that's waiting for me at the top.

One step at a time and I'm going to get there. So I'm going to fight anybody that's ranked above me, and I'm going to do that as long as the UFC doesn't say, it's time for this guy to go all the way,” Page added. In addition to the fight, Page also attracted attention with his creative "walkout".

Inspired by the Undertaker, Page staged a lights-out spectacle with a doppelganger in the tunnel. Although the UFC is not used to such performances, Page hopes that this creativity will bring him more freedom of expression in the future.

Michel Page punches Kevin Holland during their welterweight bout at UFC 299 at Kaseya Center on March 09, 2024 in Miami,© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

"I knew most people didn't know who was going into the cage with Kevin Holland.

So I wanted to go in with an intimidating approach. And that's why I chose the Undertaker. It worked. I think people enjoyed it, and it could have been better if I was completely "Obviously the UFC isn't used to doing things like that, but I think now that they've seen me and realized that I have a creative mind, they'll give me a little more freedom," Page concluded.

This interesting fighter revealed to us that famous actor and former wwe star The Rock helped him in designing the choreography. "It just feels right to me," Page told Fox News Digital, adding, "Dwayne Johnson helped me the most." 'The Rock' is simply an icon.

I've never seen anyone else do it better, capture attention. WWE is a platform that generally does this very well. Involve the audience in events, the audience loves it. Villains, hero People love it,” said Page. It is well known to experienced and bigger MMA lovers that Michael Venom Page had some of the most spectacular knockouts in the history of Bellator.

Some of those knockouts are truly masterful, this is how Page made his way to the very top of Bellator. "When I was 24 years old and starting my MMA career, I used to sit for hours and write down exactly what 'The Rock' was doing to get attention.

I was looking for things that people could say 'That's that character' and remember me that way" said MVP who has already done some globally popular moves outside of the fight like the one when he knocked out Evangelista Santos in 2016 and then symbolically "caught him like pokemon”.

"Venom" is known as a charismatic character who likes to express his goals in the ring. Apart from his exceptional martial skills, his next great attribute is precisely that extra "entertainment" that he has shown many times.

The audience likes it and maybe he will be the new big name of the UFC, however, he lacks a bit of the arrogance that Conor McGregor has. Page's successful debut opens the door to many new opportunities in the UFC. His martial skills, charisma and creativity make him an attractive opponent and star in the making, even though he is already an experienced fighter, he certainly has a few more years to perform at the highest level.

He is expected to face stronger opponents in his next fights, which will be an ideal opportunity for him to prove his abilities and confirm his status as one of the most elite fighters in the world.

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