Max Holloway retaliates against criticizers: “I’m sick and tired of everybody”

Max Holloway shares his thoughts on fighting at 155 pounds again.

by Aryan Lakhani
Max Holloway retaliates against criticizers: “I’m sick and tired of everybody”
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Max Holloway is making his appearance at lightweight almost after 4 years again; he last fought Dustin Poirier in 2019 for the interim lightweight belt and suffered a tough unanimous decision loss. Max Holloway is set to reappear at 155 pounds against Justin Gaethje at the historic UFC 300 event.

This time, the BMF belt is on the line. Naysayers have been criticizing Max Holloway’s move as they were hoping to see him continue his journey as a featherweight fighter and were hoping to see him secure one more title shot, especially after Alexander Volkanovski got dethroned by Ilia Topuria.

Max Holloway shuts the critics by saying that the sky is the limit and no one should define his boundaries but himself. Period.

Max Holloway on fighting Dustin Poirier at 155

In a recent YouTube video, Max Holloway shared his thoughts on the criticism he received for accepting a fight against Justin Gaethje.

“Everybody keeps on bringing up the fight with Poirier, the 155 fight,” Holloway said, as quoted by “It is what it is, I said what I said. No excuses. I just had six weeks for that camp. This came, we had 10 or more weeks.

I can’t even — I don’t even remember how long we had, that’s how long we had. So, at the end of the day, I feel strong. I feel great. I can’t wait to go out there and prove [it].

Max Holloway on reappearing at 155

“You guys want to see the difference? Tune in April 13.

You’re gonna see the difference. If you’re on the pound-for-pound list, you should be willing to fight anybody. That’s what the pound-for-pound list is for, right? Ain’t that what the pound-for-pound list is for? I thought the pound-for-pound list was of not just their weight class.

If you’re in a weight class, you’re No. 1 in your weight class. You’re a champion in your weight class, I mean. I’m sick and tired of everybody telling me what I gotta think, how I do, putting a limit on me, Just because you put a limit on yourself, don’t put a limit on others. You guys’ limit is sky, I’m reaching for the star, other universes. We’re not the same”.

Max Holloway