Severino for the first time since his dismissal: People act as if I killed someone

The 20-year-old Brazilian flyweight who bit his opponent's bicep deeply regrets the incident that led to his dismissal from the UFC

by Sededin Dedovic
Severino for the first time since his dismissal: People act as if I killed someone
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Igor Severino, a 20-year-old Brazilian, has been the talk of the town for some time following the UFC on ESPN 53 event. Unfortunately, he didn't stand out for his skills in the Octagon, but for a controversial move that brought him into the spotlight.

In the middle of the second round, Severino was disqualified for an illegal move - biting his compatriot Andre Lima. Filled with adrenaline, this young fighter was not aware that the disqualification was only the beginning of a series of troubles for the young Brazilian, and this incident changed his life completely.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, announced Severino's firing immediately after the event, putting him out of the organization without pay. It was an extremely difficult night for the athlete who had been enjoying the rise of his career until then.

He fights in the flyweight category and is one of the most promising young fighters, and the match in which he was disqualified was perhaps the most attractive match up to that point, and Severino put up a good fight. He has undoubtedly shown exceptional talent in the past and promised a bright future in the world of combat sports, but after this incident, the question is whether he will ever get the chance to compete in the UFC again.

This event will surely stay with him for a long time, but we finally heard his side of the story, presented in an interview with MMA Junkie. Severino completely opened up and told what was on his mind and what impact this thoughtless act had on his life.

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"These were crazy days. One moment I was part of the best promotion in the world and my dreams were coming true. The next moment, I was kicked out of that organization." Severino did not want to be the subject of the front pages of martial arts portals for such a move and that he did not do it planned, it was simply in the spirit of the fight.

With this move, his career suffered a heavy blow at the very beginning, and in the future he may struggle with finding opponents and engagements. His opponent and compatriot Lima was also disappointed because Severino was fired and he himself cannot believe what happened.

"I come from a humble background. I've worked hard since I was young and I left my home as a teenager to train and get to the UFC. To see it all go down like this, it's just not part of me. I'm not that kind of person , nor am I that kind of fighter.

I'm very sorry and emotional about it. Yes, I was wrong and it's okay to be punished. I was fired and I think that's one of the worst things that could have happened. The commission froze my pay and I'm not sure if I'll get any money.

I don't know what they're going to decide and the money isn't even for me. The money was supposed to be for my family who depends on me. I earn a living with my martial arts career and that's how I pay my family's rent and medical expenses With that money, I take care of my sick family members and buy them food too.

Fighting is all I know how to do," Severino expressed a slight hope that maybe the commission could change its decision. However, the troubles did not end only with him, in Brazil this was the main news for a few days and Severino's family also became the target of threats and insults because of his incident.

Very ugly news, but it is known that Dana White is very strict with incidents of this nature and it is unlikely that he will reverse the decision because, as he himself said, this must be a warning to others. However, attacks on the family are a subject of discussion, and the young fighter does not hide that members of his family have received death threats.

"My loved ones suffer. They are disrespected, and we have received death threats. My mother has nothing to do with it, and neither does the rest of my family. People act as if I killed someone, as if I am a criminal. It is wrong what I did, but it's far from criminal.

They treat me like the worst person in the world." In the world of MMA sports, history has shown that people are prone to forgiveness, it just takes a certain amount of time. Maybe Severino will get a chance to redeem himself, but until then, his path is difficult, and the burden of his mistake will certainly have a psychological impact on the fighter.