Conor McGregor talks about retirement: “Until I’m laid out flat”

Conor McGregor is not ready to retire until he has given his all.

by Aryan Lakhani
Conor McGregor talks about retirement: “Until I’m laid out flat”
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The wait for Conor McGregor’s highly-anticipated comeback will soon come to an end as he’s confident of returning this summer against Michael Chandler. Some people wonder if this is the ending phase of Conor McGregor’s glorious career.

McGregor has retired quite a few times, but on a brighter note, he always came out of it. Conor McGregor uses Mike Tyson as a source of inspiration; seeing him compete at the age of 57 shows how there’s always more to give and that there’s no point in retiring too soon.

Conor McGregor on retirement

In a recent interview with TNT Sports, Conor Mcgregor used Mike Tyson’s example and explained how he won’t stop fighting until he has given his all. “Look at Mike Tyson now, he’s fighting Jake Paul,” McGregor said, as quoted by “He fought Roy Jones also.

So there you go, that’s an older guy. When he was fighting Roy Jones Jr., something that really stuck out to me was [that Mike Tyson] was asked — Roy Jones, also an aged guy, retired for so long — ‘Why?’ Recalibrate your competition.

Conor McGregor on Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato

“There’s a reason that in jiu-jitsu tournaments there’s like the veteran division and all this. So I don’t really feel like I could ever call it a day to it until I’m laid out flat, and that’s it.

In a box and going down into the ground – that’s when I’ll call it a day. So, something that really struck me with Mike Tyson was he was asked in an interview around the Roy Jones Jr. fight, what do you think Cus D’Amato, who was his mentor and coach, what do you think Cus D’Amato would say to you after all these years.

‘Why come back now?’ And what Tyson said really struck me. He said, what Cus would say to me is, ‘What took you so long?’

Conor Mcgregor