MMA Legends Clash: St-Pierre Believes He Could Defeat Nurmagomedov

These days there is suddenly a lot of talk about Khabib, and after Cormier said that Islam is better than Khabib, now St-Pierre and Mendez have also spoken out

by Sededin Dedovic
MMA Legends Clash: St-Pierre Believes He Could Defeat Nurmagomedov
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Former UFC champion and legendary king of the welterweight division, Georges St-Pierre, considers his chances against the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. "The Eagle" went on an impressive 28-fight win streak during his 12-year career and retired as a dominant force in the world of MMA and considered by many to be the best ever.

St-Pierre, the long-time reigning UFC welterweight with a brief middleweight title stint, has long been a dream opponent for Nurmagomedov, but a matchup between the two never materialized due to various circumstances. Khabib himself stated several times that St-Pierre was one of his role models when he was growing up, but simply that match was generationally incompatible and maybe it's better that way.

On an edition of the "Pound 4 Pound" podcast hosted by Henry Cejudo and Kamaru Usman, known as P4P, "GSP" expressed his belief that he would beat Nurmagomedov. "I was confident enough to take that fight, knowing that I would beat him that day in that particular place.

I would have won for sure because if he had pressured me, he would have ended up on my back. I would have been confident enough to try," he said. the legendary Canadian Like Nurmagomedov, St-Pierre is known for his ability to control on the ground.

Considering their different wrestling styles, St-Pierre sees the possibility of creating an advantage in a hypothetical matchup. The former champion skillfully depicted and explained it, while showing great respect for Nurmagomedov.

"Khabib has an excellent right overhand. He is very good at judging the distance and creating dilemmas in the opponent's mind. He is most dangerous when he forces you to the fence because he is a master of wrestling against the cage.

My style is different. I rely more on fighting in the middle of the octagon. I am skilled in using fake moves and making it difficult to get to the feet. I'm a more dynamic guy, I'd call it proactive and reactive wrestling in the middle.

But Khabib is at his best when he has his opponent against the fence. So my strategy against Khabib would be to keep the fight in the middle as much as possible whatever I can and not be afraid to take him down. I think I might be the first or one of the few to try to take him down, and I've taken down everyone I've fought." For St-Pierre, the key to defeating Nurmagomedov would be to stay on the offensive, a tactic that many believe would be difficult given how Nurmagomedov has neutralized fighters of a similar style, including Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier.

All top and top fighters, and the Russian, we can say, dominated them, it was incredible to see how the best shots were powerless against this man.

Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov poses for photos during the UFC 229 Press Conference at Radio City Music Hall on Septem© Steven Ryan / Getty Images

St-Pierre believes that fighters like Gaethje could surprise Nurmagomedov with a different approach.

"I think most fighters were afraid of Khabib's punches, so they fought defensively and were forced to the fence. The three fighters who held their own against Khabib are: Gleison Tibau, the fight was very close; Michael Johnson, who was my sparring partner.

He did a fantastic job for the first few minutes of the fight until he lost confidence. I think that was one of his mistakes. Another one who started well was Gaethje. At the beginning he was very good. But when the story went in a different direction , fell apart." Although we have already heard such forecasts for the match with the Dagestani, no one has managed to defeat him, and in the MMA community we often hear the opinion that he has never lost a single round.

Unfortunately, we'll probably never see this fight, but fans will always wonder what would have happened if the two met in the Octagon. Match St-Pierre vs. Nurmagomedov would be one of the biggest matches in MMA history. In this day and age when Mike Tyson is coming back to fight YouTubers, imagine the return of these two fighters from retirement and a match for the king of the county.

Although we often hear the discrediting of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the well-known mma coach Javier Mendez told MMAMania yesterday that everyone should stop criticizing Khabib because he is the greatest of all time. "There is no one more dangerous in the world than Khabib in my opinion.

Nobody. I've never seen a better fighter if we're talking pure danger. You can't do anything to him, he just squeezes you. He has the toughest beard I've ever seen. He was only slightly concussed once against Michael Johnson. Justin Gaethje hit it, but it was for nothing." After we heard the 'interesting' statements of Cormier and St-Pierre in the previous days, Javier Mendez felt obliged to support Khabib.