Chris Weidman sheds some light on retirement plans: “I’m still excited to do it”

Chris Weidman is strongly committed to fight, he will only quit the sport when his body fully gives up on him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chris Weidman sheds some light on retirement plans: “I’m still excited to do it”
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The former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman will make his first appearance of the year against Bruno Silva on 30th March. Chris Weidman’s battles with injury and his leg keeps getting worse; however, quitting is far from the list of his options.

Chris Weidman’s drive to continue fighting in spite of snapping his leg into half shows what it really means to persevere when you are surrounded by unending adversities. The dark thoughts on retirement have entered Chris Weidman’s mind, but he will only take such a step if his body fully gives up on him.

Until then, he wants people to know that he’s far from done.

Chris Weidman on his retirement

Recently on The MMA Hour, Chris Weidman shared his thoughts on retiring. “I’ve had a little bit of everything at this point,” Weidman said, as quoted by “Every type of injury you can think of, every joint you can think of, I’ve had, and I’ve battled through it, and I got back in the octagon".

Chris Weidman explains when he will retire

“I’m not really looking at the result of this fight to make the decision if it’s my last one,I’m really going to be gauging if it’s my last one or not on how I feel during this training camp.

So probably two things — my motivation, like, how excited am I to be training every single day? My pain — how much pain I have every single day, is my body done? Can I still hold up? Can I still compete at the highest level of levels? Am I having fun? It’s the motivation and it’s the pain.

If my body can get through this camp and I’m not miserable everyday walking into the gym, and I’m actually having a great time and I love it and my pain is low to moderate, I’ll continue. I love this more than anything.

I know I’m really great at it and I can do some more big things but it’s just if my body can handle it and I’m still excited to do it”.