Brandon Moreno announces a break from fighting: “My mind is stressed”

Brandon Moreno will take a temporary break from fighting, he recently announced it through an Instagram video.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Moreno announces a break from fighting: “My mind is stressed”
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The former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno is on a steady decline; the successive defeats have taken a negative toll on Brandon Moreno; his wheels are burned, and he now needs some cooling. Brandon Moreno officially announced that he’s taking a break from fighting because of the mental and physical pressure that has piled up after all these years.

However, he wants his fans to know that he’s far from done and that this break is nothing but temporary. He wants to take time off training so he can heal, recover and spend more quality time with his family.

Brandon Moreno on taking a break

In a recent Instagram video, Brandon Moreno announced that he is sidestepping from the sport until he’s recovered mentally and physically.

“I think with all the technical aspect things aside, I think I’m just tired,” Moreno said, as quoted by “I’m tired of the media, the same questions, the vibe, the constant pressure.

I don’t even think it’s a single moment anymore. I think it’s everything I’ve piled on my shoulders in the last few years. I’ve reached a point where my mind is stressed, and I just want to rest a bit.

I’m not saying I’m 100 percent stepping away from MMA, but I do want to take a break to rest, be with my family and just be a normal person, be with my daughters, and just do new things. There are many things I haven’t done because I’m 100 percent focused on my training.

I just want to rest a bit. This is by no means a goodbye. Just wait for me, have patience, let my body and my mind recover, and we’ll come back to do things well”.

Brandon Moreno reflects on the losses

“It also frustrates me a bit because I tried so hard to win.

The camp was very good. I managed to stay away from injuries, and I was able to work very well. I put all my heart to get the win, and it didn’t happen. I now have two consecutive losses, but they’re two weird losses”.

Brandon Moreno