McGregor wants to be a movie star: He compared himself to Stallone and Schwarzenegger

The UFC contract commits him to two more fights, but the question is how the negotiations will go considering that he is now a Hollywood star

by Sededin Dedovic
McGregor wants to be a movie star: He compared himself to Stallone and Schwarzenegger
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The new version of the movie "Road House" brings fresh dynamics and new shine to the old story. This time, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor take on the lead roles, adding their own unique touch to the classic masterpiece.

From the moment the film became available on Amazon Prime on March 21st, audiences have been interested in this unexpected blend of acting and martial arts talent. The action film Road House is directed by Doug Liman. Although critics were divided about the film, Road House quickly overtook the Ricky Stanicky comedy to become the most watched film on the streaming service.

The film follows ex-UFC fighter Elwood Dalton (Gyllenhaal) who earns money by street fighting before taking a job as a bouncer in a tropical town in the Florida Keys. Although the small town seems like a tropical paradise at first, Dalton soon learns that things are not what they seem, and that's where the audience-pleaser adventure begins.

McGregor, known as a fighter who wins hearts with his charisma and fighting skills, here takes on the role of Knox, a mocking antagonist who carries incredible energy and charm. His interpretation received critical acclaim, and McGregor himself felt extremely comfortable in this challenging but exciting acting endeavor.

This was his first role, and judging by the reactions of film critics, he did just as well as he did in the Octagon. "It was only supposed to be five weeks, but when I got there and they saw how I was doing, the character started to grow legs and arms, and then things start to change and the role grew," McGregor said in a recent interview with The MMA Hour.

Lukas Gage, Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchoir, Jake Gyllenhaal and Billy Magnussen attend the London photo call for Prime Videos © Kate Green / Getty Images

This new role is not just another foray into the world of acting for McGregor.

With his appearance and performance, he added a new dimension to the character of Knox, simultaneously delivering what the audience expected, but also surprising them with his depth and layering. His popularity and name alone added to the importance of the character of Knox, and definitely influenced the great popularity of the film that is currently the most watched on Prime.

"They liked what they got or what they were getting and I was just doing what I was told. People think I was just playing around - they were directing me and I was giving them what they wanted. As for me as far as I'm concerned, I felt like I gave them a bunch of versions.

I gave them more options and I feel like someone else would have chosen. Are you kidding me? I gave them a bunch of options and I was hoping that maybe they would refine the role in a different way, but they wanted the character they wanted.

They're very happy with what they got. I gave them what they wanted and I added my little touch. I am who I am - I'm show business, right?" Apart from winning the hearts of the audience with his performance, McGregor also considered his future in the world of film.

His popularity and talent open numerous opportunities in Hollywood, and McGregor enthusiastically points out his readiness for new challenges. "We need to talk – I don't know if they know what the situation is. What can you do for me? It's Hollywood's turn now.

I can actually play a bunch of roles. Imagine how many movies I could do? There's Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Sylvester Stallone and then all these guys , and all these great movies were made around them. Think of the movies you can make about me.

You know what I mean?. And don't think the UFC executives don't know that. So I don't know what they're going to come at me with. Like I said, Lorenzo Fertitta would probably already be making huge offers for me. I really feel like I could play any role," McGregor later added.

His ambition for new roles is only one part of his larger plan. Despite his successful career in the UFC, McGregor is considering his next steps in the fighting world. Although he has not yet determined the exact date of his next performance, McGregor plans to fight twice this year, including the already scheduled fight with Michael Chandler, but we do not have an official date and the third month of this year has already passed.

The first date announced for McGregor's return was June 29, but Dana White immediately denied it, and the only thing we know is that "The Notorious" wants to fight twice this year. Despite his commitments in the world of film, McGregor still remains true to his roots, but the question is whether he works tirelessly to achieve his goals in martial arts, as he did a few years ago.

McGregor's transformation from world-famous fighter to movie star is astonishing and inspiring for the reason that he claims this is just the beginning of his acting career.