Max Holloway explains why he's fighting Justin Gaethje: "I am blessed"

Max Holloway shares his thoughts on fighting Justin Gaethje.

by Aryan Lakhani
Max Holloway explains why he's fighting Justin Gaethje: "I am blessed"
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The UFC BMF title clash between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje shocked many fans worldwide as almost no one saw it coming. They will step inside the octagon against each other on 13th April at the historic UFC 300 event. Many people questioned Max Holloway's decision to accept this fight; fans were under the impression of seeing Max Holloway getting a title shot against Ilia Topuria.

Max Holloway recently addressed why he made a jump to lightweight. Max Holloway accepted this fight because of the uncertainty linked with securing a featherweight title shot and at that specific time the fight against Justin Gaethje seemed to be a better alternative.

Max Holloway on fighting Justin Gaethje

In a recent YouTube video, Max Holloway explained why he's fighting Justin Gaethje next. "There's a lot of people talking about, 'Oh, this fight is crazy. Why are you guys doing this fight?'" Holloway said, as quoted by

"'Why? Why, Max? Why don't you just wait for (Ilia) Topuria? Why don't you just wait?' Not a lot of people know: This game, it goes by you fast, man. It goes by you quick. Nothing is promised. How many times do we see someone promised a title shot and it never happened?

Max Holloway on fighting Ilia Topuria

"How much time do you see someone fight for an interim title shot and it never happens? Me and Gaethje were the next guys respectfully up in our title shot, correct? But how many times does that work? It doesn't work all the time.

So with the Topuria thing, everybody keeps saying, 'Oh, you're the next one.' It's like, am I really? You wait in this sport, the sport goes by you, And it goes by you quick. So all you can do is stay busy, you know? I am blessed with the opportunity to be in this situation with with Justin Gaethje".

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