Sisters of a UFC fighter who tried to kill them: ‘We love him and he has our support’

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Sisters of a UFC fighter who tried to kill them: ‘We love him and he has our support’

The shocking story from Florida is still at the center of events on the world MMA scene. Recall, UFC fighter Irwin Rivera, stabbed his two sisters who were asleep at the time, inflicting multiple stab wounds on each. When he surrendered to police, Rivera admitted to killing the sisters, believing at the time that they were dead, adding that he did so because of a higher force order.

Fortunately, police responded quickly to a call from neighbors and found the nurses in serious condition, but timely hospitalization led to their lives being saved and the 33-year-old and 22-year-old are currently stable and recovering in hospital.

One of them, named Lezlye, contacted via Facebook, where she tried to further explain some things, but also to express public support for her brother. "Kelly and I are fine and we want to clarify some things and make it clear to everyone that the story is not around us here.

We love our brother to the maximum and everyone who knows our family knows how much we love each other and how close we all are as a family. I hope he gets all the professional help he needs." "He didn’t act like himself this past weekend.

He didn’t sleep, he didn’t talk in his own way, and he completely lost interest in training, and we know how he actually lives for it. This worried me and at the first opportunity, I went on a plane to visit him and see how he was."

"Unfortunately, his mental state was much worse than we thought and we were unable to help him before he broke down completely. This is not an easy time for my family and me, but please find a place for him in your prayers."

"Pray that he will be able to stabilize and return to us. In just 24 hours, his mentality turned into something unrecognizable. We love our brother and fully support him. We hope he can get the help he so desperately needs.


He is sent to mental institution

Rivera fulfilled his dream this spring, becoming a UFC fighter after a successful episode in the Titan FC promotion, of which he was the bantamweight champion. So far, he has done three fights in the Octagon, recording one win and two defeats, but also proving to be a very exciting fighter of unquestionable talent.

Immediately after his arrest, the 31-year-old Rivera was sent to a mental institution, where he should stay until the court decides on the procedure with him. He is currently officially charged with two attempted murders and with such an indictment he will almost certainly end up in court.

This attitude of his sisters could help him in terms of punishment, but what we can be sure of is that his UFC episode is over. As for his MMA career, it will all of course depend on what mental state he is actually in. By the way, Rivera is very close to his family, as his sister said on Facebook, which can be easily concluded by visiting their Facebook profiles.

What happened that his character suddenly turned to the other side like that, without serious expert observations, few can know.