PFL president wants McGregor: We have the capital to do anything

The PFL has already shown that it is ready to sign big names, and the currently very popular Francis Ngannou is a member of the PFL

by Sededin Dedovic
PFL president wants McGregor: We have the capital to do anything
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Conor McGregor, currently the most popular MMA fighter with a record of 22 wins and 6 losses, last fought in July 2021, but still fills the headlines almost every day and arouses great public interest. At UFC 264, he lost to Dustin Poirier, and during the fight he broke his leg and that was his last match.

After a long rehabilitation, McGregor is finally ready to return to the Octagon, but the date of the fight has not yet been scheduled. During his absence, he even shot a film that received positive reactions from the public.

At the beginning of the year, McGregor announced that he will fight Michael Chandler on June 29. He published a video where he was visibly 'relaxed' in the spirit of the New Year and then gave the sensational news. But the UFC did not confirm that match for a long time, and in the end, Dana White, the president of the UFC, denied that information, saying that McGregor must first go through adequate preparation.

McGregor has two more fights left on his UFC contract, but PFL owner Donn Davis has thrown down the gauntlet and offered McGregor a fight in his organization. The PFL has been growing rapidly lately, and owner Davis has admitted that he is open to working with any quality fighters.

"I don't just mean McGregor, I mean all the fighters. Whether it's Jon Jones, 'Notorious' or anyone else," Davis said. "The market understands that PFL now has the capital to realize anything. We want to think differently, without borders, and organize the biggest fights in the world, to achieve unprecedented things." There is certainly a long way ahead of this organization, but with the current business strategy and large investments in marketing, it could very quickly become a real rival to the UFC.

The PFL has already demonstrated its willingness to hire big names. They were able to bring in Francis Ngannou, Claressa Shields and Amanda Serrano. Before that, the organization offered Nate Diaz $15 million to fight Jake Paul in the cage.

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"So there's nothing we don't already have to put on the biggest fights with the biggest fighters on the biggest stage.

But anyone who's interested and whenever they're free, we're ready for you. We're the most creative, the most aggressive and the most interested," Davis concluded. . While McGregor's future in the UFC is uncertain, Dana White commented that his commitments outside the octagon prevent him from returning.

McGregor recently promoted his new film "Road House", in which he played the lead role. Positive reviews of the film encouraged McGregor to consider continuing his acting career. White cited that as one of the reasons why the fight date still hasn't been set.

"There is no lack of communication. But do you know where he is tonight? In New York, at the premiere of the movie 'Road House.' He has other commitments to fulfill at the moment. I look out for him, but that's how it is. he can do both.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but once you start making big money, you're not as hungry as you used to be and it's hard to get back into the gym," White stated.

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Apart from acting, McGregor is involved in numerous other business activities.

He has his own line of clothing, whiskey and bicycles. His fortune is estimated at over 200 million dollars. "Conor McGregor, for a guy who was on welfare when he came to the UFC and for a guy who's never done any big business, he's become a pretty good businessman.

He is a great partner for us and I want to be a great partner for him. Conor needed some time out of the cage to fulfill his obligations and now he can return to training. From Thursday onwards we can start looking at fights for Conor McGregor.'

', added Dana. Many wonder if McGregor will ever fully return to combat sports. Although he received a lot of support in the last few days from his fellow fighters, there are still some who believe that money and fame have kept him away from the ring, but we all believe and wish that "Notorious" will return to the Octagon.

McGregor remains one of the most interesting and popular figures in the world of combat sports, regardless of the poor results in some big matches. The impression is that we are finally getting closer to the official confirmation of McGregor's return, but with "Notorious" nothing is ever certain.

Things can change drastically in just a few days, but let's be optimistic and believe that the biggest MMA star will make his comeback match in a few months.