Belal Muhammad believes Leon Edwards was never offered 3 fights for UFC 300

Belal Muhammad shares his thoughts on Leon Edwards receiving 3 different offers for UFC 300.

by Aryan Lakhani
Belal Muhammad believes Leon Edwards was never offered 3 fights for UFC 300
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The UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards was offered a fight with 3 different opponents for UFC 300. Dana White disclosed this information publicly. Belal Muhammad does not buy it; he thinks Dana White and the UFC were just trying to ‘hype’ Leon Edwards, and it was nothing but a promotional strategy.

Belal Muhammad revealed that he was not one of the three opponents. At this point, he is eagerly waiting for his title shot opportunity. Leon Edwards will most probably defend his belt against Belal Muhammad next. It will be interesting to see if the UFC announces it soon.

Belal Muhammad on Leon Edwards getting 3 fights for UFC 300

In a recent interview with MMA on Sirus XM, Belal Muhammad explained why he thinks Leon Edwards was never offered 3 fights for UFC 300.

“If I’m going to be honest, I don’t really buy the whole, ‘We offered him three fights,'” Muhammad said, as quoted by “I know they offered it to Islam, and I know Islam turned it down.

But I don’t buy that they offered it to Shavkat because Shavkat was hurt, and I don’t buy that they offered to Khamzat because he ain’t making weight. So, for me, I think it was more so to hype up Leon. Leon doesn’t go on social media, he doesn’t do interviews, he doesn’t hype himself up.

So, it’s like, Dana White’s a promoter. He has to promote this guy and be like, ‘This guy’s a killer, he said yes to every single fight.’ But if they really wanted him at 300, they knew they could have called me and I would have said yes.

It just tells me that they didn’t really want him on 300 or Leon’s a hard guy to deal with.

Belal Muhammad on getting a title shot

“I feel like something’s going to happen soon, I don’t even care where, I don’t care the location. I just want a contract with his name on it and a five-round title fight. Please”.

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