Islam Makhachev believes Alexander Volkanovski lost twice because of his team

Islam Makhachev shares his thoughts on Islam Makhachev's back-to-back defeats.

by Aryan Lakhani
Islam Makhachev believes Alexander Volkanovski lost twice because of his team
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Alexander Volkanovski faced back-to-back setbacks for the first time in his career; two title fights led to the same outcome; a vicious knockout loss. The UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev holds Alexander Volkanovski’s team responsible for Volkanovski’s consecutive defeats.

Makhachev believes Alexander Volkanovski returned too soon for the Ilia Topuria fight. Volkanovski understands where everything went wrong and is committed to taking a long break; he looks forward to making a return in the ending phase of 2024.

The bitter taste of defeated hasn’t evaporated Volkanovski’s desire to become a two-division champion. He wants to participate in a lot more fights at 155 pounds. Ilia Topuria is rejecting almost every contender for his first title defence; at this point, people are absolutely clueless about who he wants to fight.

Islam Makhachev on Alexander Volkanovski’s consecutive defeat

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Islam Makhachev explained why he blames Alexander Volkanovski’s team for the back-to-back defeats. “Of course (he returned too soon),” Makhachev said, as quoted by

“Alex is a good fighter, he is a warrior, everybody knows. He can fight everyday. But I always said that his team is very bad because this mistake is not Alex’s mistake. It’s a mistake the team made because the team has to sit with him and tell him, ‘Hey, it’s too soon.’ He had a very bad, tough knockout in his last fight.

He has to rest for a minimum of three or four months without training, nothing. You have to do some recovery and just wait. He go to fight again too soon. It was a big mistake. He is a warrior, he can come back, but still, he needs some time. He has to listen to his body and give some time for recovery”.

Islam Makhachev Alexander Volkanovski