Paddy Pimblett calls out Renato Moicano: “You owe me money”

Paddy Pimblett shares his thoughts on fighting Renato Moicano next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett calls out Renato Moicano: “You owe me money”
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Paddy Pimblett claimed a significant win against Tony Ferguson. Paddy remains to be one of the few unranked contenders to have so much fame. He has a name in mind for his next fight, and it is none other than Renato Moicano. It is the perfect opportunity for Paddy Pimblett to enter the competitive top 15 lightweight rankings.

Paddy is aiming to make a return somewhere between June and July; he does not want to fight before that because he wants to spend more family time. It is up to the matchmakers to make this thrilling fight happen.

Paddy Pimblett on fighting Renato Moicano

In a recent YouTube video, Paddy Pimblett shared his thoughts on fighting Renato Moicano.

“That is who I want next,” Pimblett said, as quoted by “Renato Moicano — ‘Money’ Moicano — you owe me money, lad. I’m coming for you, little sausage. I saw something the other day on Twitter ...

I’m meant to be fighting Renato Moicano at UFC 301, no, no. My kid’s going to be about two weeks old. I’m not fighting that soon. I won’t be fighting until, like, June or July. I went into that last fight injured, but I never said nothing, I just got on with it, I’m back in the gym, training in the new year.

My shoulders are still sore even after two, three weeks off, so I got them looked at, had an MRI on both. I’ve got a tear in both shoulders, so all I’ve done for the past month is lots of kicking”.

Renato Moicano on Paddy Pimblett

“If I go over that and I say, ‘Hey, Paddy Pimblett, I’m going to beat you up,’ everybody does that, So I said, ‘OK, I’m going to make him get the bait.’ Because if I beat Drew Dober and I say Drew Dober will beat you, he’s going to get mad, because he’s going to say, ‘Hey, I can beat you".

Paddy Pimblett