Inside the Cage: Michael 'Venom' Page's Perspective on UFC And Young Guns

Michael "Venom" Page advises young fighters not to rush into the UFC

by Sededin Dedovic
Inside the Cage: Michael 'Venom' Page's Perspective on UFC And Young Guns
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Michael "Venom" Page is a well-known name to MMA fans, but he has a new one in the most prestigious MMA organization, the UFC. After winning his first fight, he recently gave his opinion and warning about his early career in the world's most popular MMA organization.

Although we've followed him for a while and he's a very experienced fighter, he hasn't been around in the top fight environments like the UFC until this past weekend, when he impressively defeated Kevin Holland at UFC 299.

Page was a big star in Bellator, and as such, he was given a contract with the UFC that young fighters can only dream of. During a recent interview with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri, "The Venom" discussed why it's sometimes better for young fighters to hold off on entering the UFC.

"When you go to the UFC early, whether you're a prospect or not, or you're classified as a prospect or not, you know, there's no room for negotiation. You're the level that they say you are, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what you honestly believe you can achieve," Page told the young fighters.

He also emphasized the importance of a negotiating position before joining an organization with a stronger resume. The UFC and its director, Dana White, are often criticized for not paying their fighters enough considering the huge earnings they get from PPV and marketing.

Page also commented on a photo that went viral after the main fight, showing a skull fracture resulting from a knee O'Malley delivered to Marlon Vera. "MVP" immediately recognizes the situation because he caused the original injury with a flying knee against Cyborg Santos.

"That's my move," Page said. "It's weird to see someone trying to pass it off as something else, even if they're an O'Malley fan. Why would anyone want to spread a lie? I find it ridiculous. As they say, 'If you don't know, you don't know.'


Kevin Holland and Michel Page fight during their welterweight bout at UFC 299 at Kaseya Center on March 09, 2024 in Miami, Flori© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

What's next for MVP remains unknown, but one thing is certain.

The next fight will surely offer a spectacle. How he will handle the pressure in the biggest organization and whether he will fight for the title, only time will tell. The UFC is known for its competitiveness and the demands that come with being a member of the organization.

Their approach to fighters is often strict, and entering the UFC can be both a blessing and a curse for fighters like "Venom" Page. While competing in the UFC is a career highlight for many combat athletes, Page points out that the environment there can be challenging for young fighters, especially those who aren't experienced or prepared for that level of competition.

Entering the UFC means facing the best of the best, whether you're ready or not. It can be an extremely frightening experience for young fighters, and the pressure that comes with it can have serious consequences on their careers and mental health.

One of the most famous UFC fighters ever, Michael Bisping, after retiring, created an extremely successful career as a commentator and analyst in the MMA world. The former UFC middleweight champion and "Hall of Fame" member recently gave an intriguing look at a possible fight between his compatriot Michael "Venom" Page (22-2) on his YouTube channel.

Bisping has a very high opinion of Page and predicts that Page will do great things in the UFC. Bisping believes that Page is ready to fight for the title already, and he justifies this with his previous experience. Bisping claims that this is just a continuation of Page's successful career and that he is already a trained and experienced fighter.

He mentions the undefeated Irishman Ian Machado Garry (14-0) as a potential opponent for the title fight. Garry recently picked up his seventh straight UFC victory, defeating Geoff Neal (then 13-0) by decision at UFC 298. "Ian is currently ranked sixth at welterweight.

I think a fight between him and Michael Page would be fantastic. They're both tall and powerful punchers - Page is 190 and Garry is 191. I'm expecting a spectacle because they won't be wrestling. It would be a fight in which both of them would move forward, which would be extremely exciting." Bisping envisions a possible British clash in the future, where champion Leon Edwards would defend his title in a stadium in England.

"It would be an incredible fight. Imagine that - Ian Garry against Michael Page, in front of our home fans. It would be a spectacle worth watching." The question now is whether the UFC will recognize the potential of this fight and give Page that opportunity, especially considering he is 36 years old and nearing the end of his career.