Oscar De La Hoya reacts to Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: “Take a different route”

Oscar De La Hoya shares his thoughts on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson.

by Aryan Lakhani
Oscar De La Hoya reacts to Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: “Take a different route”
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Jake Paul shocked almost everyone by announcing a fight with Mike Tyson. However, he is being heavily trolled on various social media platforms for picking Mike Tyson as his next opponent. Critiques highlighting Mike Tyson’s age and the 30-year-old age gap between him and Jake Paul.

Apart from that, people have set this narrative that a legend like Mike Tyson should have never accepted a fight with someone like Jake Paul because ‘it’s damaging the image of the sport’. Oscar De La Hoya is amongst the many people who understands the bright side of this fight and yet is against it.

Oscar De La Hoya on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Oscar De La Hoya shared his thoughts on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson. “It’s going to bring more eyeballs to the sport of boxing, but my beef with it is it’s not the right image for us as a serious sport,” De La Hoya said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com.

“Jake Paul, I commend him for what he’s doing. Jake Paul can get to a world title, but if he takes a different route. This route, going up against Mike Tyson, it’s just not the right one for me. I love Mike Tyson and respect Mike Tyson, especially if Texas OKs this fight to be an officially sanctioned right”.

Oscar De La Hoya on what Jake Paul should be doing

“I don’t know how that’s going to work. Mike Tyson is 60-years-old. Jake Paul is 26, 27. If Jake Paul wants to take boxing serious, take a different route, Take the route that all the other fighters take.

Tough fights up the ranks. Top ten fighters, top five, world champions. Not this route with Tyson. That’s not the way to do it. It’s going to be big business. I can understand Mike Tyson wanting to do this, the itch that he has, because I have it every day. I love the eyeballs it’s going to bring boxing, and that’s all I care about”.

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