Brendan Allen looks forward to humble Marvin Vettori: “I’m going to finish him”

Brendan Allenshares his thoughts on fighting Marvin Vettori.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brendan Allen looks forward to humble Marvin Vettori: “I’m going to finish him”
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The upcoming middleweight battle between Brendan Allen and Marvin Vettori is scheduled to take place on 6th April. Both fighters are confident in healthy measures ahead of their fight. Brendan Allen believes Marvin Vettori is delusional and looks forward to giving him a reality check.

Brendan Allen can foresee claiming a comprehensive win against him. It is worth knowing that Marvin Vettori is one of the rare fighters to have never gotten knocked out or submitted in his entire career. Brendan Allen believes he will be the first person to break that record.

Brendan Allen on Marvin Vettori

In a recent interview with MiddleEasy, Brendan Allen shared his thoughts on fighting Marvin Vettori. “He hasn’t beaten anybody good. He doesn’t finish anybody,” Allen said, as quoted by

“Is he tough? Hell yeah, I’ll give him that. He’s tough, he’s got a great mindset, but I’m going to walk him like a dog. Technically, I’m way superior. I’m going to show him exactly that on fight night.

I’m too technically good. If it’s got to be gritty and he wants to make it a fight, I can do that too. His only hope is to catch me, but he’s delusional. He is a legit delusional person. This is the same guy who thinks he * smashed Izzy.

Izzy schooled you twice”.

Brendan Allen looks forward to finishing Marvin Vettori

“I’m going to finish him, I’ve fought guys that have knocked people out, that ain’t been dropped and this and that.

Guys that ain’t been submitted, I submit them. Just because he hasn’t been finished means nothing to me. He hasn’t fought me. He hasn’t fought anyone like me. I’m going out there to put him away. My goal is to outclass him and then put him away. I’m coming to prove a point. I’m proving it to myself that I am just that damn good”.