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UFC Champ O'Malley Calls Out Boxers: I'll Skip Garcia, Want Mayweather

UFC Champ O'Malley Calls Out Boxers: I'll Skip Garcia, Want Mayweather

The UFC bantamweight champion wants very much to follow in the footsteps of Conor McGregor, whom he makes no secret of being his role model

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC Champ O'Malley Calls Out Boxers: I'll Skip Garcia, Want Mayweather
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Sean O'Malley, since his arrival in the UFC, has radiated a confidence that continues to expand as time goes on. Now, as the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, his confidence is reaching new heights. Rightfully so, as he recently made his first belt defense, defeating Marlon "Chito" Vera to correct the only loss of his career.

But even though Merab Dvalishvili's name comes up as the logical next opponent, Sean has his own plans. Ilia Topuria is the fighter Sean sees as the most desirable option for his next opponent, but he still dreams of big boxing matches.

"Suga" believes he has the qualities to match the best boxers in the lightweight category, with Ryan Garcia standing out as one of the most frequent candidates for a showdown in the boxing ring. But Ryan Garcia is also a fighter filled with faith in his abilities, leaving Sean's calls unanswered.

Recently, as a guest on the MMA Hour, he challenged Sean O'Malley to an MMA fight, highlighting his wrestling skills and conditioning. I guarantee that I would beat him in an MMA fight. I'm a natural wrestler, you don't understand that.

I just beat my security guard who's a wrestler," Garcia said. However, Garcia believes that a boxing match between them does not make much sense, stressing the importance of a fair fight and testing one's abilities in MMA.

"We have already seen such transitions from MMA to boxing. I know I would knock him out in a boxing match and that's not fair. It's only fair that I test myself in MMA. I know if I just focused on that and trained every day with the help of Nate Diaz, even Alex Pereira and everyone else, O'Malley wouldn't beat me.

I'm going to come with everything I've got and destroy Sean O'Malley in the UFC. I already sent messages to Dana," Garcia said confidently. His words gained weight after Anthony Joshua outclassed Francis Ngannou in a boxing match, further fueling the debate between the MMA and boxing communities.

Garcia's claims to make boxers do better in MMA are considered comical by the MMA community, which Sean O'Malley confirmed in his statements. "Let this be a BIG WARNING to MMA fighters! Stop coming to boxing, because it will get worse.

It's more even if we come to your sport" said Garcia but Shawn is not interested in an MMA match with Ryan Garcia, believing that Garcia does not understand the complexities of MMA sport and to quickly face the challenges that MMA brings.

But Sean's stance is also controversial. Many agree that boxers avoid the MMA cage, aware of their limitations in segments like wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As simple as it seemed, it took years to perfect these martial arts, and MMA is not just punching.

Boxers unfairly neglect tactics that are as important in MMA as they are in boxing. Additionally, most feel that boxers would be at a disadvantage against experienced MMA fighters, especially due to their multiple skill sets.

Sean OMalley fights Marlon Vera of Ecuador during their bantamweight bout at UFC 299 at Kaseya Center© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

"Suga" was a guest on the MMA Hour and pointed out that the MMA match has absolutely no meaning.

It would be interesting to see these two fighters in MMA, but after that they hold a fight in Boxing. O'Malley certainly exudes confidence, but boxing is much more than punching, yet he sees no point in fighting Garcia in the Octagon.

"Mentally, that guy's not where he needs to be. We'll see how he does against Devin Haney and go from there. I think an MMA fight is unrealistic, there's 0 percent chance he'll even make it to that fight. One MMA training or one wrestling and BJJ training with someone who knows something would be enough for Garcia to realize, 'Okay, forget it, this was a bad idea.'

" Sean's dream of a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, while attractive, is probably unattainable. Mayweather, who recently celebrated his 47th birthday, is only interested in high-grossing exhibition bouts. Also, as a fighter under contract with the UFC, Sean might have difficulty getting permission for such a match.

It might be wise for Sean to turn his attention to fighting Merab Dvalishvili, a fighter on a ten-fight winning streak who deserves a title shot. MMA fans can't wait for that match, and Merab would probably have more fans than Sean.

It would be a fight that would confirm Sean's status as the dominant bantamweight champion. Fighters like Sean O'Malley and Ryan Garcia continue to challenge each other, fueling a fire in the sports media and among fans, but how justified is it and what is the point if it's not just pure intreres and money.

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