Brandon Rovyal slams Mohammad Mokaev’s offer to fight: “My eyes are on Pantoja”

Brandon Rovyal explains why he's not interested to fight Alexandre Pantoja.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal slams Mohammad Mokaev’s offer to fight: “My eyes are on Pantoja”
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The UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja has two strong options for his second title defense he could fight Mohammad Mokaev or Brandon Rovyal next. Mohammad Mokaev pitched the idea to fight Brandon Rovyal next, where the winner could seal his position as the next title challenger.

Brandon Royal isn’t interested in entertaining that; his eyes are set on securing a rematch with Alexandre Pantoja. He looks forward to fighting him at UFC 301, which is scheduled to take place on 4th May.

Brandon Rovyal on Mohammad Mokaev’s call out

Recently on MMA Junkie Radio, Brandon Rovyal explained why he won’t fight Mohammad Mokaev next.

“I feel like him pressing me really hard for a fight right now is a dumb idea,” Royval said, as quoted by “Because if you look at the division, it’s either me or him getting the title shot.

It’s like, ‘Bro, campaign for Pantoja, that would be the smart move.’ Campaign for Pantoja. That’s what I’m going to do. The Mokaev fight will happen eventually, but I want the Pantoja fight. I’ll be ready by 301.

I can make that quick of a turnaround and I’m confident I will beat Pantoja more than anything.

Brandon Rovyal on fighting Alexandre Pantoja

“I want Pantoja. My eyes are on Pantoja. My eyes are always going to be in front of me and that’s what I want.

I want to be a champion. I want to win the belt. I would love to win the belt in Brazil. These are all dreams come true. I don’t really see another athlete besides me or Mokaev that are going to be ready for that fight. I have no clue (what UFC is going to do), I put myself in a good position by winning that Moreno fight and taking that with Moreno".