Dustin Poirier reflects on his loss to Justin Gaethje: “Tried to take a step back”

Dustin Poirier explains the difficulties he surpassed after facing a loss against Justin Gaethje in the rematch.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dustin Poirier reflects on his loss to Justin Gaethje: “Tried to take a step back”
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Dustin Poirier has been through a series of highs and lows; since the past 3 years, he hasn’t been able to secure consecutive victories. Dustin Poirier faced his 3rd UFC knockout loss against Justin Gaethje in the rematch.

The bitter taste of defeat opened the gates for negative thoughts to enter. Poirier thought about retirement, but the spectacular win against Benoit Saint-Denis has motivated Dustin Poirier to look for more. Dustin Poirier revealed how he went for therapy to actively heal from the loss faced against Justin Gaethje.

Dustin Poirier on his mental health after losing to Justin Gaethje

Recently on The MMA Hour, Dustin Poirier explained how his family and friends helped him after he faced a tough loss against Justin Gaethje. “I started actually doing therapy after the [Gaethe] fight,” Poirier said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“A lot of people helped me,” Poirier said. “My friends, my business partners here in Louisiana, but my wife, really, dude, I’m just very thankful for her. It got to the point where, and if I was in her, if I was in her position, I don’t know if I could take the stuff she’s taken.

I would like to think I can, but I’m just grateful to have somebody like that [to see the things I’ve gone through], and the things I’ve put her through going through it”.

Dustin Poirier on taking a step back from fighting

“Because fighting was everything to me, It was my whole life.

Like I judged who I was but by fighting. It was the person I am. If I’m not the fighter Dustin, the fighter who am I? And I just kind of like tried to take a step back from that after the Gaethje loss when I was going through all this *.

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