Michael Page Shines in UFC Debut: Fans Want Page vs. Thompson

The British welterweight made an excellent debut in the world's largest MMA organization, dominated Kevin Holland and silenced critics

by Sededin Dedovic
Michael Page Shines in UFC Debut: Fans Want Page vs. Thompson
© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

For many years, Michael 'Venom' Page's name resonated in the world of Bellator, leaving audiences in awe of his spectacular performances. Perhaps one of the most attractive Bellator fighters ever, with his incredible style and finishes the likes of which we have not had the opportunity to see.

However, despite his outstanding results, there was always a certain amount of doubt over his abilities. Many critics have argued that Page is just a low-quality fighter whose success has been greatly aided by Bellator giving him lighter opponents to protect him from real competition.

But regardless of everything, he is responsible for some of the most attractive knockouts we could witness in Bellator and MMA as a sport. "They would destroy him in the UFC. He would have no chance against fighters in the UFC," are just some of the comments that have followed Page over the years.

However, the UFC 299 event provided an opportunity to finally find out how Page would stack up against the UFC's elite fighters. Throughout his career, he received criticism that he could not compete against the best UFC fighters because of the huge difference in the quality of these two organizations.

However, the UFC recognized the marketing potential of this fighter and signed a contract with him. He already had his first match at the last UFC 299, and he didn't just fight anyone, but entered the octagon with Kevin Holland, the 13th-ranked challenger in the welterweight division.

Although Holland may not have been a top-ranked fighter in the UFC, he is a well-known and respected name in the world of MMA. His very rank in the strong competition of the UFC represented a serious test for Page, for whom this was the first match in the most elite and well-known MMA organization.

Michael Page punches Kevin Holland during their welterweight bout at UFC 299 at Kaseya Center on March 09, 2024© Megan Briggs / Getty Images

Unfortunately for the skeptics, Page proved his critics by silencing them with his performance.

He dominated the experienced Holland, and the end of the fight clearly showed who was superior. Just seconds before the end, Holland tried to imitate Page's movements, but it was only a manifestation of frustration and an admission of defeat that he had already recognized.

Michael Page has confirmed that he belongs to the very elite of fighters, and the next opponent will surely take this versatile fighter seriously. Holland simply could not keep up with the speed, creativity and explosiveness of this outstanding Briton.

Michael Page delivers his punches with surprising speed, dodging opposing counterattacks with lightning fast reaction. It is usually Holland who causes problems for opponents with his speed and range of shots. But this time, Holland found himself on the losing end, while Michael Page undoubtedly showed that he deserves a place within the UFC.

At the press conference after the UFC 299 event, Michael Page revealed that he believes he can do even better. He admitted that his performance was somewhat marred by the fact that it was his first match in the world's largest MMA organization.

"It's strange, because from the beginning to the end I felt confident. But when I got into the cage, even though I felt confident, my body didn't work the way I wanted it to. I don't know why it happened, but I still did what I had to do I should have gotten the win.

I felt like I was way better than him and I could have done a lot more. I believe I could have beaten him by stoppage if I had been in my usual form, but at the end of the day, I won," he said said Page, commenting on Holland's visible frustration.

"I definitely noticed he was frustrated. It's easy to say outside the cage, 'Oh, I'm going to do this, I'm just going to hit his leg and that.' But when you're actually in there with me, the reality is completely different.

I'm a lot faster than it seems. People may say I'm fast, but it's only when I hit you and you try to hit back and you can't reach me that you realize how fast I am. Holland is used to fighting, that's what he does best. I'm not used to fighting, I'm used to breaking opponents down, and that's why I was more successful," Page added.

As of now, we can expect Page to be in the top 15 in the welterweight division. The impression is that the fans are unanimous in their desire for his next performance. Almost everyone wants to see a showdown between Michael Page and Stephen Thompson, and we hope that the UFC "matchmakers" will hear the voice of the fans and fulfill their wishes.

It will definitely be a real test for Page and if he wins, considering his interesting character and marketing potential, he will quickly get an opportunity to fight for the belt.

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