Dana White reacts to Dustin Poirier’s knockout win: “That makes you a legend”

Dana White shares his thoughts on Dustin Poirier's knockout performance.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dana White reacts to Dustin Poirier’s knockout win: “That makes you a legend”
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Dustin Poirier’s second-round knockout win was beyond impressive; it was one of the most glorious knockouts of his career. Poirier was heavily doubted before he fought Benoit Saint-Denis; fans and professionals set a perspective that Poirier was on a decline and Saint-Denis’ high finish rate would seamlessly extend in their fight.

The exact opposite happened; Dustin Poirier stepped in with a different energy; he electrified the entire arena and dropped many jaws, including Dana White’s, who was very impressed with Poirier’s excellent performance.

Interestingly, Islam Makhachev’s manager suggested that Poirier should fight Islam Makhachev in June. That could turn out to be one of the most interesting title fights in the history of the sport.

Dana White on people doubting Dustin Poirier

During the post-fight press conference, Dana White explained how he was super impressed with Dustin Poirier’s performance.

The fight that he took tonight with Benoit, when the talk first started, everybody was like, ‘Oh, this is a bad fight for Poirier, blah, blah, blah,’” White said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.“Then Poirier came out and said ‘you know what, I didn’t sign’ and all this [other stuff].

This is the * that makes you a * legend. These are legendary fights”.

Dana White on Dustin Poirier proving people wrong

“When you go in, and you face a guy who is a savage and looks like you can’t win this fight, or people think you can’t win this fight, and then you go in and do it in spectacular fashion, the way that he did tonight, a lot of these fighters get very [paranoid],You’ve heard it many times in the past – [They say], ‘They want me to lose,’ or ‘They’re trying to make me lose.’ I heard some nutty the other day from somebody that I won’t even mention, but we don’t determine whether you lose or whether you win — you do. What we try to do is put on the best matchmade fight that we can possibly".

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