Jorge Masvidal explains why he wants Nate Diaz for his comeback fight

Jorge Masvidal wants to finish the unfinished business with Nate Diaz.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal explains why he wants Nate Diaz for his comeback fight
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Jorge Masvidal has officially come out of retirement; he wants a rematch with Nate Diaz for his tune-up match. He believes there’s unfinished business with Nate Diaz. In their previous encounter, Jorge Masvidal claimed a TKO win against him, but it came through a doctor stoppage, due to which many controversies emerged.

In order to clear that haze, Jorge Masvidal wants to face Nate Diaz again and make sure that this time he leaves no doubt. It will be interesting to see when Masvidal reveals a date for his return.

Jorge Masvidal on Nate Diaz

Recently on MMA Junkie Radio, Jorge Masvidal explained why he wants the Nate Diaz rematch.

“Nate, though he called me some names after the fight that I didn’t like, like ‘coward’ and ‘quitter,’ this and that, I still got a lot of respect for the dude,” Masvidal said, as quoted by

“I love his style and how he fights, and what he represents. But obviously, I didn’t like when he called me that. Him always saying that I got saved by the referee, that Round 4 and 5 were going to swing his way – which I know that was psychological play for him to get another rematch, which I was always down to do, to me it’s like, you shouldn’t have said that, man, because it might just happen.

I’m going to whoop your * again. I’m going to show you what would happen in Round 4 and 5”.

Jorge Masvidal on never getting submitted in the UFC

“I’ve never tapped in my career, so him calling me a quitter is like crazy.

I’ve got over 50 fights, I’ve never tapped. I’ve actually gone to sleep. … So, calling me a quitter, or I’ve never came out of my stool, or something like that, I’m up at that bell every time”.

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