Dustin Poirier on Conor McGregor's return: "Who knows if he ever comes back"

Dustin Poirier talks about Conor McGregor, his own retirement and fighting for the title.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dustin Poirier on Conor McGregor's return: "Who knows if he ever comes back"
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Conor McGregor put a massive smile on many fans' faces when he announced that he would be returning against Michael Chandler on 29th June. Unfortunately, the fight may not take place in June because it's not a confirmed date.

Dustin Poirier is amongst the many people who are still doubtful of McGregor's committed return. Dana White believes it will happen in the fall of 2024; only time can tell how accurate those predictions turn out to be.

Dustin Poirier talks about Conor McGregor

During the recent press conference, Dustin Poirier shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor and spoke a little about his own retirement.

"Who knows," Poirier said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. "I'm a fan of the sport, so any time that guy fights, you know I'm watching. But your guess is as good as mine. Who knows if he ever comes back?.

Dustin Poirier on retirement

I've been seeing people say that a lot, I think that's because like a week ago I did an interview and somebody asked me, 'Is this your last fight if it doesn't go your way?' I said, 'Well, any fight could be my last one, win or lose.'

I've been doing this a long time so I think that's where they ran off with it at. But we've just got to fight. We've just got to fight Saturday."

Dustin Poirier on getting a title shot

"I think a lot of that depends on how I win, If it's a big finish or something like that, I believe I'm a win away from a title shot with a great performance.

But it rights the ship. It gets me back in the win column and we take it from there. I try not to look too far past these fights because Saturday isn't here yet".

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