Gilbert Burns believes Belal Muhammad should get the title shot already

Gilbert Burns shares his thoughts on Belal Muhammad's title fight opportunity.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gilbert Burns believes Belal Muhammad should get the title shot already
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Belal Muhammad was promised a title shot, but there hasn’t been any strong update on it this year. Apparently, Leon Edwards was given 3 different opponents for UFC 300; the opponents remain a mystery. Fans and MMA experts believe Belal Muhammad isn’t getting a title shot because he isn’t ‘entertaining’ enough.

They feel Belal Muhammad lacks the PPV salability. Gilbert Burns begs to differ; he believes Belal Muhammad has earned the opportunity and that there’s no reason not to give him the next title shot.

Gilbert Burns on Belal Muhammad’s title fight opportunity

In a recent conversation with Renato Moicano, Gilbert Burns shared his thoughts on Belal Muhammad getting a title shot.

“I think Belal Muhammad deserves to fight for the title,” Burns said, as quoted by “For the numbers, he deserves. The guy has a crazy win streak (of) 10 fights. I think he deserves. To be honest, I just have something that I’m like, the guy beat me.

I got hurt and then he was talking so much. But I shouldn’t say the way I did. I apologize. I think he does deserves the title shot even though I don’t like the guy very much because I lost to the guy. I was injured, and the guy was kind of like, ‘Oh, I beat Gilbert Burns this way, short notice.’

Gilbert Burns does not hate Belal Muhammad

“I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t like him very much because he was saying too much.

But I wish the guy the best. I do believe he deserves a title shot. I don’t know if the UFC is going to give him or not because Dana just said, ‘Oh, we ask Leon Edwards three different opponents,’ and the guy is supposed to be the No. 1 contender".

Gilbert Burns