Brandon Rovyal ready to fight Mohammad Mokaev: “He’s dead”

Brandon Rovyal shares his thoughts on fighting Mohammad Mokaev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal ready to fight Mohammad Mokaev: “He’s dead”
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The UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja and the matchmakers will have a little bit of a difficult time in selecting the next title challenger as they are many prospective contenders from the flyweight division who could be next.

Brandon Rovyal and Mohammad Mokaev are some of the few contenders who have a chance of making it. Brandon Rovyal does not believe Mohammad Mokaev has earned it yet; he has labelled him a ‘boring’ fighter. However, he’s more than ready to meet him in the cage for a showdown.

That could be an interesting title fight eliminator.

Brandon Rovyal on Mohammad Mokaev’s recent win

Recently on The MMA Hour, Brandon Rovyal shared his thoughts on fighting Mohammad Mokaev and explained why he doesn’t deserve a title shot next.

“Maybe he beat Alex Perez, maybe not,” Royval said, as quoted by “He could be Alex Perez’s only win over a current UFC fighter. That being said, I don’t think it warrants a title fight.

I didn’t think it was very impressive. After the first round it just seemed like he was done for. It is what it is. I just didn’t think it was that impressive. Any time I watch that kid fight I’m like, ‘This is lame.

This is boring.’ It is what it is. Then I watch and like, ‘Oh yeah, this kid’s boring.’ I get amnesia”.

Brandon Rovyal on fighting Mohammad Mokaev

“I think it goes very well. I love that matchup, hat’s not a fight I would ever turn down.

That fight has never been offered to me. That being said, me and him are both trying to take aim at the title fight, so if one of us is going to get it, so be it. But we’ve been hyping up a fight for about a year now, so when that time comes, if one of us has a belt, or one of us doesn’t have a belt, if that’s a five-round fight, he’s dead".