Robert Whittaker believes Sean Strickland is the ideal opponent to fight next

Robert Whittaker shares his thoughts on fighting Sean Strickland.

by Aryan Lakhani
Robert Whittaker believes Sean Strickland is the ideal opponent to fight next
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Robert Whittaker has taken the best ‘U-turn’ in his career by securing a win against Paulo Costa in a crucial match. The win has placed him back on the road to achieving a title shot. Whittaker believes fighting Sean Strickland would make the most sense; many would agree with Whittaker’s statement and label it a sensible match-up.

It could be considered as a title eliminator bout, where the winner could fight the current champion. Whittaker wants to make a return by August, and it will be interesting to see if the UFC matches him up against Sean Strickland next.

If that fight fails to materialize, Robert Whittaker could then move on and fight any other top 5 contender from the competitive middleweight division.

Robert Whittaker on fighting Sean Strickland

Recently on Submission Radio, Robert Whittaker shared his thoughts on fighting Sean Strickland.

“Sean’s up there, as well – I think that’s a good direction,” Whittaker said, as quoted by “It’s moved me towards that goal that I’m looking for – moves me in the right direction.

I think that they’re the most logical choices moving forward, though.

Robert Whittaker on when he could fight next

“The only thing I can put down is the date I’m looking for. I hear on the grapevine that there’s a Perth card in August, perhaps.

I would love to get on that, to run a show with that. That’s the logical move to make, I want to fight for the title, right? I understand that’s a bit of a long whatever at this point, and Sean doesn’t look like he’s tied up, so it is the logical step”. Sean Strickland is not one to ignore fights, he’s ready to fight anyone the UFC matches him up against.

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