Alexander Volkanovski breaks silence on taking rest

Alexander Volkanovski is ready to take a break, looks forward to fighting Ilia Topuria in the ending phase of 2024.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski breaks silence on taking rest
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Alexander Volkanovski was one of the most active UFC featherweight champions; he had 6 successful title defenses. Ilia Topuria snatched Volkanovki’s belt with a thrilling second-round knockout win. Topuria isn’t strongly interested in making his first title defence against Volkanovski.

A lot of criticism was thrown at Volkanovski; people over social media were pleading for him to retire, and some fans and MMA experts have been urging him to take a long break so that he can recover and deliver high-quality performances just like before.

Alexander Volkanovski recently revealed that he will take a long break, but his next fight will only be against Ilia Topuria. He does not mind Topuria defending his belt against a different contender in the meantime. Volkanovski looks forward to making a comeback before the year ends.

Alexander Volkanovski on taking a break

In a recent YouTube video, Alexander Volkanovski shared his thoughts on taking a break and explained how he’s only interested in fighting Ilia Topuria next. “Being champion, I felt like I had to be busy because I felt like that was a standard of a champion,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by

“Not only that, I wanted to capitalize on the legacy. I wanted to get as many defenses so, I needed to get back in there. How much longer are you going to be in your prime? You need to make the most of this, get the defenses, get that money in.

Right now, a break is obviously good for the head, so it makes sense. And I know I ain’t fighting until the rematch, which isn’t going to be until later this year anyway, so it’s perfect”.

Alexander Volkanovski confident on getting a rematch

“I know my next fight is definitely going to be for the title, and the rematch, but if he was to go somewhere else because he wanted to be active, which I would be more than OK with – if he wanted to be really active and have a quick turnaround – obviously I’m not going to do that because of my head (from the knockout). You want to take that serious. But my next fight will definitely, 100 percent be the rematch”.

Alexander Volkanovski