Michael Page shares his thoughts on moving from Bellator to UFC: “Relief and freedom”

Michael Page looks forward to his UFC debut against Kevin Holland on 9th March.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Page shares his thoughts on moving from Bellator to UFC: “Relief and freedom”
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The former Bellator fighter Michael Page will be making his UFC debut on 9th March against Kevin Holland. He is more than thrilled to start his journey with the UFC. He claims to be relieved after leaving Bellator because he always wanted to explore opportunities and tap into his untapped potential.

The challenge ahead is far from easy. Kevin Holland has been on and off with winning but has had the experience of competing against some of the toughest contenders from the division. Michael Page has sparred with some of the notable names in the UFC, and based on those sparring sessions, he believes he’s on the same level as the UFC fighters.

On 9th March, he looks forward to showing it publicly.

Michael Page on leaving Bellator

Recently on Smack Talk With Sandhu, Michael Page shared his thoughts on joining the UFC and explained why he’s happy about it.

“It was a sense of relief of being free because I have a good relationship with Bellator, and I was happy there. But at the same time, I knew there was more for me,” Page said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

“I felt undervalued there. I just wanted to explore. So, even if I ended up going back to Bellator, it would be at kind of the value I see myself at. There was a nice sense of relief and freedom to first be out. Then there was a lot of attention, so that was really nice to be fair.

It definitely reaffirmed what I thought of myself and how I feel like I should have been appreciated”.

Michael Page’s aim for UFC debut

“There’s so many names in the UFC that I’ve sparred with and some of them will give you some horror stories of what I’ve done, but none of them would ever downplay the level that I’m at after sparring me.

So I’ve always been confident in myself to know what I can do. My ego is definitely just wanting to prove that to everybody else, but at the same time I know. I already know the standard that I’m at. It will be good to just affirm it with the world watching”.

Kevin Holland