Dana White believes Nick Diaz will not return to the UFC

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Dana White believes Nick Diaz will not return to the UFC

It’s been about half a year since Nick Diaz announced his return to fighting. He devoted himself to training, and did one successful weight loss, after which he was absent from the gym for a while again. However, his manager explained that he did not want to overtrain after a long break and that he would definitely return to the gym soon, and then he would continue working on his return to the Octagon.

It has been announced that they should soon sit at a table with the UFC leadership. But there could be problems. Dana White has previously stated that he has no more nerves or will negotiate with Diaz until they are truly ready to accept the most realistic thing he can offer them.

But when it comes to Nick, it seems that even then he would not like to see him again in the arena.

White on Diaz

White believes that Diaz is playing the game and that his return is in question. Does Diaz play the game or is it really so? "Everything I've seen about Nick Diaz doesn't look like he seriously wants to come back or is ready to compete seriously in this sport at all.

Even when you're as good as Jon Jones, you have to be one hundred percent in all this, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to be ready to train and fight. I don't think anyone should want to watch Nick Diaz fight, ”Dana White said at Schmozone.

In addition, he simply sees no reason for the return of the fighter who last performed in early 2015, and his last victory was recorded almost back in 2011. Dana White believes Diaz is a big name in the UFC and that there is no need for Diaz to show off his talent and strength again.

"Nick Diaz has been in many wars and has achieved a lot in his career. He made a lot of money he is undoubtedly very popular and famous. He got everything one can hope to get through this sport. I just don't know why, after seeing his Instagram, he had no desire to give back at all, ”the UFC president wondered.

Unlike Nick, his younger brother Nate returned in 2019 after a three-year absence and did two fights. Still, in 2020, he was nowhere near contracting a new gig, though he still hasn’t said his last. At least that is how it can be concluded from his rare appearances in the media or on social networks.