Alexander Volkanovski’s coach believes Ilia Topuria rematch is the best fight to make

Eugene Bareman explains why he thinks Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski rematch is a sensible matchup.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski’s coach believes Ilia Topuria rematch is the best fight to make
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Alexander Volkanovski is receiving a lot of messages from his fans and naysayers; both are asking him to take a long break, but Volkanokvsi’s coach, Eugene Bareman, thinks differently. He does acknowledge that Volkanovski should get rest but also thinks that the rematch with Ilia Topuria should happen before the end of 2024.

Alexander Volkanovski does not like being inactive for long; he is eagerly waiting to face Ilia Topuria for a rematch in Spain. Volkanovksi defended his position as the featherweight champion for a very long time by beating some of the most competitive contenders in the division.

Considering all he has done in the sport, matchmakers won’t even have to think twice before giving him an immediate rematch.

Eugene Bareman on Alexander Volkanovski

In a recent interview with Combat Tv, Eugene Bareman explained why Alexander Volkanovksi deserves an immediate rematch with Ilia Topuria.

“I can’t divulge too much but I’m obviously in the camp that he deserves a rematch,” Bareman said, as quoted by “I think he’s done everything that he needs to do as a champion, represented himself, his family, his team, and most of all the company well.

He’s been a long-standing champion, he’s defended many times, fought through injuries, taken fights on short notice for the company. He checks every box there is in relation to getting an immediate rematch”.

Eugene Bareman explains why the rematch is important

“One of the other important boxes he checks: is there a bigger fight to make than that fight in the division? The answer is no, there’s not. So, the team is doing everything we can to secure the rematch, and we’ll do everything in our power to turn that result around.

He definitely needs to rest. He needs to rest his head. But ... he needs to be sensible, but he also will be very keen to get that rematch this year”.

Alexander Volkanovski