Sean O’Malley reacts to Ryan Garcia’s MMA call out: “I would kill you within minutes”

Sean O’Malley believes Ryan Garcia is delusional to call him out for an MMA match.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean O’Malley reacts to Ryan Garcia’s MMA call out: “I would kill you within minutes”
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Ryan Garcia has always desired to make an MMA debut and is ready to fulfil his goal by fighting Sean O’Malley in the cage. Garcia recently called out Sean O’Malley to fight in the UFC; he believes fighting Sean O’Malley in the boxing ring would be unfair.

Both fighters are serious about a showdown, and based on their verbal banter, it seems like a fight between them is bound to happen. Sean O’Malley believes it is absolutely ridiculous of Ryan Garcia to call him out for an MMA match.

O’Malley can foresee finishing Garcia in a few minutes.

Sean O’Malley on Ryan Garcia’s recent call out

Recently on The Timbo Sugar Podcast, Sean O’Malley took the time to respond to Ryan Garcia’s call out.

“Buddy. Brother. I would kill you within minutes,” O’Malley said, as quoted by “It’s just not even realistic. “It’s crazy how stupid and delusional that is. I wonder if people think that when I call out boxers though.

Is that the same kind of thing? I mean, it is a little bit crazy when I call out boxers. A little bit. Not a ton. Not a 100 percent crazy. A little bit. But when he boxers say they want to fight in MMA, 100 percent crazy. I don’t need to take him down — I mean, I could take him down and choke him, but it’s like, I would kick him in the * body.

I would kick his little sticks. Whatever the * I wanted to him, I could box him with MMA gloves. It’s a different sport just with those little MMA gloves. The distance is different.

Sean O’Malley on fighting Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney together

“It was cute.

I could beat him and Devin Haney in the same night back-to-back in a fight. It’s just not competitive. Pure delusion. Good * boxer, high-level boxer, but beat by Gervonta Davis. That has nothing to do with it but I thought I’d throw that out there”.

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