UFC Fight Night 237: Moreno vs. Royval and Beyond

Moreno entered the match as the top-ranked challenger in the flyweight division, while Royval entered the fight ranked third

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC Fight Night 237: Moreno vs. Royval and Beyond
© Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

After nearly four and a half years, the UFC has finally returned to pulsating Mexico City, rekindling the passion and excitement among martial arts fans around the world. UFC Fight Night 237 was a spectacle that marked the return of martial arts heroes to Mexican soil, creating a fiery atmosphere in Arena CDMX.

All eyes were on the fight between Brandon Moreno and Brandon Royval, who faced each other in the Octagon with the clear intention of showing their superiority. They led this event and this match was a battle for prestige and position in the UFC's flyweight division.

Moreno, as the home hero, had the support of the crowd behind him, while Royval, fighting bravely despite the injury, showed incredible determination. The first round was like an opening symphony, where the fighters measured their strengths and assessed the opponent.

Moreno chose a strategy of caution, waiting for the opportunity to counter, while Royval, despite the injury to his left leg, continued to press, showing his tireless will. Every punch, every move was like a move in chess, where the fighters planned their next moves in advance.

Moreno entered with a clear tactic of waiting for a favorable moment and did not deviate from it. Although the audience doesn't like these matches, everyone watched with excitement because their compatriot was fighting. Royval missed a lot during the first round, while Moreno waited for the opportunity to counter and was very accurate with counters.

Moreno hit as much as 65 percent of the punches he threw in that round, while Royval remained at a miserable 27 percent success rate. As the match progressed, the atmosphere in Arena CDMX became more and more heated. Royval became more and more aggressive, not allowing Moreno to breathe.

His persistence and energy were quite strong, while Moreno, although more accurate in his shots, had to endure increasing pressure from his opponent. The tension reached its peak when the referee announced that the winner of the match would be decided by the referee's scorecard.

Considering the intensity and challenges that both fighters endured during the match, the audience eagerly awaited the judges' final verdict. Brandon Royval generally made a better impression during the fight, demonstrating outstanding fighting skills despite the injury he suffered early in the bout.

However, the presence of Moreno in its territory could not be ignored. The home fighter always has some kind of advantage when it comes to the referee's decision. When the judges' cards were finally announced, the atmosphere in the hall became tense.

Junichiro Kamijo surprised many with his decision, giving Moreno a 49-46 advantage. This result caused a lot of discussion and controversy, as it did not seem to reflect the actual dynamics of the fight. However, Michael Bell and Chris Lee, the judges who also judged the match, gave Royval a 48-47 advantage.

Their decision brought relief and joy to Royval, while at the same time causing surprise among the audience. When the referee finally announced the referee's decision, the hall exploded with excitement. Royval deservedly celebrated, while Moreno, although defeated, received a standing ovation from the crowd for his brave performance.

But UFC Fight Night 237 wasn't all about Moreno and Royval. Fighters like Brian Ortega and Yair Rodriguez also left a deep mark on the event. Their fight was a real treat for MMA fans, providing exciting moments and unexpected twists.

Ortega may have had an injury problem before the match even started, but that didn't stop him from showing off his outstanding fighting skills. After a rough start, he was able to turn the tide in his favor, dominating the second and third rounds and eventually finishing Rodriguez with a choke.

Raul Rosas Junior© Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

Along with impressive main event fights, UFC Fight Night 237 also brought a few unexpected twists and surprises. Raul Rosas Jr., a young Mexican fighter, unfortunately had to cancel his performance due to illness, but that did not diminish the excitement and passion of the audience who continued to support their heroes even though the 19-year-old Rosas is the audience's favorite.

The preliminary part of the show was also full of excitement and controversy. Court decisions were not always clear-cut, which only added to the already tense atmosphere in Arena CDMX. Daniel Zellhuber defeated Francisco Prado by unanimous decision, and Yazmin Jauregui and Manuel Torres also recorded victories in front of the home crowd.

Jauregui won by unanimous decision of the judges in the match against Sam Hughes, while Manuel Torres finished the Scot Chris Duncan with a submission (RNC) in the first round. UFC Fight Night 237 was an average event, without much spectacularity and attractiveness.

Nevertheless, the audience in Mexico is satisfied, even though probably their favorite fighter, Rosas, did not perform.