Brian Ortega claimed a dramatic win against Yair Rodriguez

Brian Ortega experienced an ankle injury yet he fought Yair Rodriguez and secured an impressive 3 round submission win.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brian Ortega claimed a dramatic win against Yair Rodriguez
© Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Brian Ortega suffered a gruesome shoulder injury in his first encounter against Yair Rodriguez; everything collapsed in Ortega’s life, but quitting was not in the list of his options. He took his time to recover and showed up today for the rematch after almost 2 years.

Ortega was outplayed again, but his grit, determination and hard work got him the beautiful submission win.

After some serious exchanges, in round 3, Brian Ortega flipped the match around.

He pressurized Yair Rodriguez, and with enough speed he caught him in the perfect arm triangle position. Ortega injured his ankle at the start of the fight, but he persevered and got the win; he isn’t too ambitious about the future but is ready to fight in Spain if everything works out well.

Brian Ortega on the ankle injury

During the post-fight interview, Brian Ortega shared his thoughts on the ankle injury and explained how he transformed as a fighter. “Talk about things stacked against me,” Ortega said, as quoted by “… I’d be lying if I said panic didn’t set in for a bit".

Brian Ortega on evolving as a fighter

"Absolutely, 100 percent, the rebirth is basically a human having to come face to face with themselves in the mirror and really change all the bad things about you that, in the long run, will break you.

My family knows all the things that I went through, and it was hard. My dad used to say that the eagle was his favorite animal and explained this process to me, and I didn’t really care about it. Then when I went through what I went through, that’s when I understood to be a better father, husband, family man, a fighter, I mean you name it, I had to go to war with myself".

Brian Ortega on his next fight

“There’s some questions out there, but obviously Volk was a great champ. For people to kick him down right now, I find it kind of disrespectful after everything he’s done.

Some things have to play themselves out, and we’ll see. But if he decides that he does not want to fight and chill, I’m more than happy to go to Spain”.