The Next Generation: Rosas' Pursuit of UFC Glory vs. Ricky Turcios

Although many said that the defeat to Christian Rodriguez extinguished the "hype" around Raul Rosas Jr, we should all be aware that this is a 19-year-old "boy"

by Sededin Dedovic
The Next Generation: Rosas' Pursuit of UFC Glory vs. Ricky Turcios
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Raul Rosas' incredible passion for martial arts suggests that he is just at the beginning of his journey, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. But definitely his desire to compete and fight is a great prerequisite to make a serious career.

Although last year was challenging with several swings in results, it can serve as an important lesson for further progress. His dedication to training and fighting shows that he possesses the mental toughness needed to succeed in the cruel world of MMA.

Despite the challenges he faced last year, his determination remains unquestioned and he is arguably one of the greatest young talents to emerge in the UFC ever. Many in the martial arts world recognize the potential he possesses, seeing him as a future champion.

Rosas' technique and athletic ability are often highlighted as outstanding, further fueling expectations for him. Rosas, who is currently the youngest fighter in the UFC, is preparing for his upcoming bout this weekend in the most prestigious martial arts organization at just 19 years old.

He hasn't exactly excelled in 2023, going one win and one loss, but Rosas is determined in his quest to get back to winning ways. The next opponent of the young Rosas will be Ricky Turcios, and the fight will be in Mexico.

Being a 19-year-old fighter from Mexico, it's no surprise that Rosas feels extra motivated to start 2024 with a win at such an important event. Raul Rosas Jr stated, "I'm very happy for this fight. Turcios is another promising fighter who won on 'The Ultimate Fighter.'

Winning this fight will take me to a high position. I'm ready for any challenge that comes my way , and I believe big things are in store for me if I win on Saturday night," Rosas told MMA Junkie at yesterday's press conference.

He added: "I came here quite early to acclimatise. I don't think the altitude will affect me too much. It will be a challenge but if you are well prepared you should be ready for anything." The UFC is known for providing a platform for young talents like Rosas to showcase their potential and build a career in the world of martial arts.

His fight against Turcios is just one of many opportunities he will have to showcase his skills and advance his career.
Of course, the road to success in the UFC is not easy. Rosas will have to face many challenges, but certainly the hype surrounding this 'boy' is justified.