Yair Rodriguez eagerly waiting to face Ilia Topuria: “I don’t like him”

Yair Rodriguez explains why he wants to fight Ilia Topuria.

by Aryan Lakhani
Yair Rodriguez eagerly waiting to face Ilia Topuria: “I don’t like him”
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Yair Rodriguez is filled with bitter emotions only for one person: Ilia Topuria. Typically, Yair Rodriguez is known to be a very respectful fighter, but there seems to be strong animosity between him and the new UFC featherweight champion, Ilia Topuria.

It stemmed from some of the comments made by the fighters about each other. Yair Rodriguez believes Ilia Topuria’s trash-talking skills got him to the top. Topuria isn’t interested in fighting Yair Rodriguez because he thinks Yair Rodriguez hasn’t claimed a significant win in his career.

Yair Rodriguez is set to fight Brian Ortega for the rematch this saturday night; the winner of this fight could be a strong consideration for the next title challenger. A golden opportunity for both fighters to get a title shot.

Yair Rodriguez on Ilia Topuria

During the recent media day, Yair Rodriguez expressed the rage he has for Ilia Topuria and shared his thoughts on fighting Brian Ortega. “I would love to * him up,” Rodriguez said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

“I don’t want to fight him, I want to * him up. There’s a * big difference on that, just to make that clear. And anywhere I * see him, I’ll * him up. “…* this * . I don’t * like him. I don’t normally get into this kind of situation with nobody, I’m really respectful, but this * guy, you know, I just don’t really like him.

I don’t like him. I don’t have to * like him. I want to * him up. That’s what I want to do”.

Yair Rodriguez on fighting Brian Ortega

“It’s always weird. I never wanted to fight the guy, this time is no different.

I like his family, I like him. He’s Mexican, so it’s not the same feeling. It’s a job we have to do. Not something that I really wanted to do”.