Dana White reveals: Putin gave Khabib a life-changing gift

As Khabib Nurmagomedov emerged victorious from the tumult of UFC 229 he got a congratulatory call from Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Dana White says that the congratulation was not all, Khabib received a very valuable gift

by Sededin Dedovic
Dana White reveals: Putin gave Khabib a life-changing gift
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As Khabib Nurmagomedov worked through the chaotic aftermath of his monumental victory at UFC 229, an important call awaited him amid a flurry of Nevada Athletic Commission officials, Las Vegas police and UFC security personnel.

None other than Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, sent his congratulations directly to the Dagestan champion just seconds after securing a historic victory over MMA icon Conor McGregor. The magnitude of this fight transcended sports boundaries, attracting the attention of audiences around the world, even those who don't follow the UFC regularly.

However, before Khabib could connect with Putin, he found himself navigating a tumultuous post-fight scene. When Nurmagomedov jumped into the crowd to confront McGregor's teammate, Dillon Danis, chaos broke out, requiring a considerable effort to restore order.

The fallout had significant consequences, with stiff penalties against all involved, including a substantial $500,000 deduction from Nurmagomedov's fight purse. Yet amid the turmoil, Khabib awaited a gesture of profound significance from the highest echelons of power in Russia.

According to Dan White, the president's phone call was just the beginning of a series of extraordinary gifts given to Khabib and his father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, who has since passed away. Putin's recognition was more than a mere formality; was a symbol of national pride and appreciation of Khabib's achievements on the global mixed martial arts stage.

Beyond the congratulatory calls, the extent of Putin's generosity has been revealed, promising resources that will significantly impact the lives of the Nurmagomedov family. The relationship between Khabib and his father Abdulmanap was not only one of mentorship but also of shared dreams and aspirations.

Putin's gesture honored this family bond and recognized Abdulmanap's profound influence in shaping Khabib into the champion he became. The significance of Putin's gesture extended beyond the octagon, symbolizing the intersection of sports, politics and national identity.

Although most people in the West do not like Putin, we must admit that this is a commendable gesture. For Khabib, it wasn't just a victory in the cage; it was a moment that cemented his legacy and elevated him to one of the greatest legends of this sport.

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