Alex Pereira reveals that the Jamahal Hill fight was aimed for UFC 301

Alex Pereira was originally offered to fight Jamahal Hill at UFC 301. He has 8 fights left in his contract with the UFC.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira reveals that the Jamahal Hill fight was aimed for UFC 301
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The UFC light heavyweight title fight was originally aimed to take place at UFC 301, which is scheduled to take place on 4th May at Rio Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, since UFC 300 had a missing main event, the matchmakers booked Alex Pereira vs Jamahal Hill.

There is a 21-day gap between UFC 300 and UFC 301. Interestingly, Alex Pereira wants to show up for the UFC 301 event too. It’s a surmountable task, but he can’t be heavily injured. If all goes well, fans will get to see back-to-back action from Alex Pereira.

Alex Pereira on the initial fight offer

Recently on The MMA Hour, Alex Pereira shed some light on the original offer he received to fight Jamahal Hill and explained how he looks forward to win. “The original verbal agreement, not signed, was to fight at UFC 301 in Brazil – May event, Jamahal Hill,” Pereira said, as quoted by

“But a few days ago they called, and my manager called us asking to headline UFC 300. I liked the idea. I think it’s perfect timing for me to prepare for it, so I just jumped in”.

Alex Pereira on his UFC contract

“Starting this fight, there’s eight more, my relationship with the UFC is very good.

I’m very grateful how the UFC and my management team get together. They’ve been doing great things together. I think the UFC also appreciates who I am because I’m a composed guy, I’m focused and I deliver”.

I want to win the fight, anything can happen. I’ve got to be a grown man and think like that. Many people think like, ‘Oh, I’m going to (do this or that).’ No. There are two outcomes for this fight: I either win or lose. I want to win”.

Alex Pereira