Jamahal Hill reacts to the underwhelming response received for UFC 300

Jamahal Hill shares his thoughts on the criticism received for the UFC 300 main event.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jamahal Hill reacts to the underwhelming response received for UFC 300
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The UFC 300 main event announcement made many fans frown as they were expecting to see a better match up. Dana White recently announced Alex Pereira vs Jamahal Hill for the UFC 300 main event. Jamahal Hill saw fans' reactions and was quite baffled to see it mixed with negative comments.

Jamahal Hill believes the fight card is stacked with the best matches, and because of this, he is having a hard time digesting the criticism received. A lot of hype was built around the historic fight card, and since the fan's strong expectations didn't match up with the reality, the UFC 300 main event is being heavily criticized.

Jamahal Hill on public's reaction to UFC 300 main event

In a recent YouTube video, Jamahal Hill explained how there's no reason for UFC fans to be upset about the UFC 300 event. "The reaction to this has been kind of a mix of things here and there," Hill said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

"It's been a lot of outrage, a lot of disappointment and things like that. To be honest, it's crazy to me because, for the most part, a lot of these people are the same people that spent the better part of a year or however long calling me a crybaby.

But it's crazy to see how a card can be stacked – the main card literally has a former champion or champion in every single fight. … Each one of the prelims is worthy of being its own separate main event. And people are crying.

Jamahal Hill on Dana White

"Like, let's really be real. It's really, really crying because you had unreal expectations for something. Now granted, Dana may have – well, he did overstep with some of the comments he made, but he had every intention on delivering on those comments.

As you know, anybody who's followed the UFC for some time, whenever Dana tries to tell you he's trying to deliver something, he wouldn't talk like that if he wasn't trying to deliver something that you people would feel is mindblowing or otherworldly."