Ilia Topuria reveals if he will give Alexander Volkanovski a rematch

Ilia Topuria wants to fight new opponents but is ready to face Alexander Volkanovski if the UFC asks him to.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria reveals if he will give Alexander Volkanovski a rematch
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The new UFC featherweight champion Ilia Topuria wants to make his first title defense in Spain and urged Dana White and Hunter Campbell to work things out accordingly.

Quite shockingly, Ilia Topuira called out Conor McGregor; it will be interesting to see if that fight ever ends up happening. Alexander Volkanovski was gutted yet in positive spirits, he seeks an immediate rematch against Ilia Topuria.

Volkanovski has been the champion for a long time, which makes him a solid prospect for Topuria’s first title defense. Topuria has nothing but respect for Alexander Volkanovksi and is also ready to give him a rematch, but he would prefer fighting new opponents.

Ilia Topuria on the massive win

During the post-fight interview, Ilia Topuria shared his thoughts on the recent win and spoke about his first title defense. “I don’t need the judges,” Topuria said, as quoted by

“When I’m fighting, they can go and take their time to break and rest a little bit. The guy was really fast – very fast jabs. His movements, his kicks – he surprised me a little bit. It took me a little bit of time to study him and I had to knock him out in the second round (instead of the first).I was just waiting to find my timing.

He caught me with a couple of punches and he was celebrating, like ‘Ha ha ha.’ I was waiting for my turn for that.

Ilia Topruia on defending his belt against Alexander Volkanovski

“He’s such a good person, to be honest, at this point, I’m like, OK, I’m going to give him the rematch because he’s a good person.

But at the same time, it’s time to move on. It’s time to clean up the division a little bit. It’s time for the new generation to have new challengers, new faces, and I think I will be looking for that. But to honest, my job is to fight. Whoever they tell me I’m going to have to face and fight next, I will be there. That’s it”.

Alexander Volkanovski