Ian Machado Garry wants Colby Covington after Geoff Neal: “I’m going to retire him”

Ian Machado Garry reveals why he wants Colby Covington next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ian Machado Garry wants Colby Covington after Geoff Neal: “I’m going to retire him”
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Ian Machado Garry is a few steps away from elevating to a whole new level. A comprehensive win against Geoff Neal tomorrow night will open new doors of opportunity. It seems like Machado Garry has mapped out his future plans already; he looks forward to facing Colby Covington next and making him retire.

Covington has made a lot of comments on Ian Machado Garry and his family; Machado Garry wants the opportunity to make Covington regret everything he said about them.

Ian Machado Garry on fighting Colby Covington

During the recent media day, Ian Machado Garry explained why he wants Colby Covington next.

“I want to beat Geoff Neal in spectacular fashion this weekend, then I’m going to fight Colby Covington, and I’m going to retire him, and I’m going to rid the clown from the UFC,” Garry said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “Then I’ll take someone (ranked) three, two or one in the world, I’ll beat them, and I’ll earn my title shot next year.

I think he (Covington) has no other choice, when I beat Geoff Neal on Saturday, there’s only one choice, and it’s what I say”. I’ll still talk *, that’s the person I am, I’ll talk *. You want to clap at me, I’ll clap back.

That’s how I’ve grown up. That’s the way me and my friends grew up, but there’s a line.

Ian Machado Garry on Colby Covington and Sean Strickland crossing their lines with “trash-talking”

"There’s a line on what you say and what you do, and it’s not trash to call my wife a pedophile or say my kid isn’t even mine.That’s not trash talk.

That’s abuse. That’s horrible, and no person on the planet deserves that. I feel like we’ve seen it recently, and the two main culprits are *Colby and Sean Strickland. Colby bringing up Leon (Edwards’) dad and Sean just being negative toward every single person possible. It shows a very dark age in MMA, and this is not what the sport’s about”.

Colby Covington