Matt Brown applauds Ian Machado Garry for who he is: “Championship level material”

Matt Brown explains why he thinks Ian Machado Garry is 'championship level' fighter.

by Aryan Lakhani
Matt Brown applauds Ian Machado Garry for who he is: “Championship level material”
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The rising UFC welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry will be facing Geoff Neal this Saturday night. It’s a crucial fight for both fighters as the winner will seamlessly sail through the competitive division and secure fights with well-known and higher-ranked opponents.

Geoff Neal has more experience on his side and is also higher than Ian Machado Garry in the rankings table. The UFC veteran Matt Brown has nothing but words of respect for Ian Machado Garry. Matt Brown believes Machado Garry is ‘championship level material’ and can foresee him dominating Geoff Neal this Saturday night.

Matt Brown on Ian Machado Garry

Recently on The Fighter vs. The Writer, Matt Brown explained why he admires Ian Machado Garry. “Ian Garry is championship * level material,” Brown said as quoted by

“I don’t give a * about all the sideshow. That dude is championship level, at least with the right matchups with the striking guys. I don’t know about his wrestling yet. I haven’t seen him on his back. I haven’t watched a lot of his fights to be honest but the ones that I have watched, they were striking battles, the dude looks * tremendous and he looks championship level”.

Matt Brown on Geoff Neal vs Ian Machado Garry

“At this point, it’s all a mental game for him, at least for the Geoff Neal fight, Yeah, Geoff Neal’s got the power but I think Ian Garry has every skill to win this fight.

Really, probably against anybody on the feet, at least from what I’ve seen so far. He hasn’t fought a guy like Geoff Neal either. A guy with his amount of skills and power. Geoff Neal could certainly come out and surprise us but everything we’ve seen from Ian Garry so far, he has championship level striking.

Geoff Neal might go out there and shoot a double leg on him. Why am I playing this game? If Ian Garry goes out there and performs to his ability, I’m not sure there’s anybody in the welterweight division that can strike with him”.