Israel Adesanya predicts Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker: “Unanimous decision”

Israel Adesanya shares his thoughts on Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker.

by Aryan Lakhani
Israel Adesanya predicts Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker: “Unanimous decision”
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The former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya may be inactive, but he’s never really out of the fight game. He monitors every fight happening in the middleweight division. The good news for all his fans is that he’s soon going to make a return.

Israel Adesanya recently took the time to predict the upcoming middleweight fight between Paulo Costa and Robert Whittaker. Interestingly, Adesanya is vouching for Robert Whittaker to win. He can foresee him claiming a victory via unanimous decision.

Israel Adesanya on Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker

In a recent YouTube video, Israel Adesanya justified why he’s picking Robert Whittaker over Paulo Costa. “Stylistically, I will say I think Rob’s going to wrestle him,” Adesanya said, as quoted by

“Rob can definitely land the takedown. Maybe not early on. Early on, I think it’d be * hard. Rob will be at the distance. Faints, pump faking, doing his * oblique kick. Costa will – I don’t think he’ll try and bait Rob or anything like that.

I think he’ll go to Rob. I think he might not respect Rob unless Rob gets some respect straight away with the jab or his leg kicks or right hand or something.

Israel Adesanya explains why Robert Whittaker will win

“Costa will try and walk him down.

If Rob’s smart, don’t get to the fence because that’s when he’ll bully you. Use good footwork. If Rob ends up behind the black line, that’s when Costa’s going to put that pressure and just try and body work him, because he does his best work when people are on the fence.

Footwork from Rob to stay away from the fence. Costa to win, he just has to maybe – he doesn’t really mix it up. He barely kicks, like low kicks or anything. He likes to box, boxing heavy. I think against Rob that’s very limited. I feel Rob will win by decision, UD (unanimous decision)”.

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