Jon Jones is ready to fight Tom Aspinall: “definitely not off the table”

Jon Jones shares his thoughts on retiring after fighting Stipe Miocic and explains why the Tom Aspinall fight is not off the table.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jon Jones is ready to fight Tom Aspinall: “definitely not off the table”
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Jon Jones may hang in there for a while; in earlier interviews, he said that he would retire after fighting Stipe Miocic, but he recently revealed that he’s ready to postpone retirement plans. Tom Aspinall’s dream fight may soon materialize as Jon Jones isn’t dismissing the idea of fighting him.

He will make future decisions based on how his fight with Stipe Miocic goes. Jon Jones won’t be participating at UFC 300; he is expected to make his return in the second half of the year.

Jon Jones on what would be next for him

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Jon Jones shed some light on his next steps in the UFC and spoke about fighting Tom Aspinall.

“I’m really going to base whether I continue on how I compete against Stipe, how I heal up from this injury,” Jones said, as quoted by “I could blow Stipe out of the water or it could be an absolute war.

And I feel like I need to take one step at a time before seeing what I do next. But the Tom fight is definitely not off the table. Especially with how I’ve been feeling being out here. I feel just totally reinvigorated and just re-energized just being around all these fans.

So, I can’t just walk away. So, the ball is rolling in a really positive direction for me to continue my career”.

Jon Jones on Stipe Miocic and Tom Aspinall

“Stipe and I have both been in the sport for a long time, I don’t think Stipe is getting the respect that he deserves.

Me and Stipe have unfinished business, and I think it’s the only fair thing to do. I’m excited for Tom and his future.As impressive as Tom is, he’s not important enough yet to determine my schedules and my decisions,” Jones said. “That’s fair enough, huh?”.

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