Gregory Rodrigues believes Dricus Du Plessis will soon lose his middleweight belt

Gregory Rodrigues shares his thoughts on Dricus Du Plessis being the middleweight champion.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gregory Rodrigues believes Dricus Du Plessis will soon lose his middleweight belt
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Dricus Du Plessis recently dethroned Sean Strickland and became the new UFC middleweight champion of the world. Interestingly, Gregory Rodrigues believes that Dricus Du Plessis has temporarily occupied his position as the middleweight champion and will soon lose his belt to a title challenger.

Only time can tell if Gregory Rodrigues’s instincts are true, Dricus Du Plessis wants to make his first title defense against Israel Adesanya. Fans shall soon find out if that fight ends up happening Gregory Rodrigues will be facing Brad Tavares in a few hours, it's a crucial fight for him.

Gregory Rodrigues on Dricus Du Plessis

Recently on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Gregory Rodrigues explained how Dricus Du Plessis won’t be a champion for long. “I respect Dricus, but I don’t see him holding that belt for a long time,” Rodrigues said, as quoted by

“And looking at [Kasanganay and Eblen], I know it’s a different promotion — I’ve always said that the UFC is different, it’s a whole other atmosphere, you become a different fighter and many things affect you when you’re in there, and that’s why I say I respect Dricus for being UFC champion.

He’s walked his path, but I don’t see him as one of the best middleweights. He’s far from it”. There are guys way better than him, if you compare him to those guys, Impa [and Eblen], they are way better.

If you compare him to other middleweight champions, [Kasanganay and Eblen] can be the best middleweight in the world”.

Gregory Rodrigues on his fight against Brad Tavares

“It’s a fight that will put me in a better position, I like to take one step at a time.

I haven’t asked for a top-10 or top-15 [opponent] yet, but Brad Tavares is a guy that I would like to fight. I wouldn’t say test myself against him, because I already know who I am, but he’s a guy I want to beat before challenging those at the top. I see that most people that fought him went on to challenge ranked opponents next”.