Daniel Cormier sees a Conor McGregor in Ilia Topuria: “he went to the moon”

Daniel Cormier compares Ilia Topuria and Conor McGregor.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Cormier sees a Conor McGregor in Ilia Topuria: “he went to the moon”
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Ilia Topuria firm-mindedly believes that he’s going to become the new UFC featherweight champion of the world. Topuria’s confidence has broken all roofs; he has changed his Instagram bio to “@UFC World Champion”.

It seems like he’s manifesting his desire into reality. Daniel Cormier made a fantastic comparison between Ilia Topuria and Conor McGregor. Before stepping into the cage for the featherweight title fight, McGregor was seen practising the knockout, and quite magically, Jose Aldo was knocked out in the same way McGregor was rehearsing in the dressing room.

During the build up of the fight, McGregor was as confident as Topuria currently is and knew that the featherweight belt would be his to claim.

Daniel Cormier compares Ilia Topuria to Conor McGregor

In a recent YouTube video, Daniel Cormier explained how Ilia Topuria’s mindset and behaviour are similar to Conor McGregor's.

“[Topuria’s confidence] reminds me of Conor about to fight Jose Aldo,” Cormier said, as quoted by mmafigthing.com. “He told you, and he was so sure that he was going to get it done that you knew that if it happened, he would become a star that we’ve never seen in the UFC before or in fighting.

So, when it happened, he went to the moon. I feel like Ilia Topuria is setting himself up to have that type of ascent if he can deliver on all of the promises that he is making. It seems like all [Topuria] wants to do is put pressure on himself, t”his dude has now said he’s releasing a movie on becoming the champion of the world, this dude has updated his [social media] bio with another win and he’s now the UFC featherweight champion.

This dude has stated he wants to fight in the same stadium where Real Madrid plays football in Spain. This dude has said to anyone that will listen how Alexander Volkanovski can not compete with him. Most people under these circumstances want to release the pressure. Not this dude”.

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