Dan Ige reminisces about the time spent with Brad Tavares: “That’s my self care”


Dan Ige reminisces about the time spent with Brad Tavares: “That’s my self care”
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Dan Ige is all set to clash against Andre Fili this Saturday night; this fight card is a special one for Dan Ige because his friend Brad Tavares is also featured in it. Tavares will fight Gregory Rodrigues. Special moments have made Dan Ige and Brad Tavares’ friendship very strong.

It adds up as an extra layer of motivation for Dan Ige, and he’s grateful to fight on the same card as Brad Tavares. In the past, Brad Tavares provided Dan Ige with shelter when he had no financial capacity to live on his own.

Both friends shared meaningful memories together; by being on the same card, those memories are returning to his mind, and it has had a great impact on his morale and motivation.

Dan Ige on fighting in the same card with Brad Tavares

During the recent media day, Dan Ige shared his thoughts on fighting with Brad Tavares in the same UFC card.

“When I moved to Vegas, Brad was the first guy – he opened up his couch. I had no money. I slept on his couch,” Ige said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “(I) literally walked into his house, spilled my whole jar of chia seeds all over the house, and he is like, ‘What the * are chia seeds?’ I’m like, ‘Ah, dude, they’re healthy.

I don’t know.’ And he’s like, ‘You *. You spilled chia seeds everywhere.’ I’m pretty sure he still has chia seeds in his house. Me and Brad are on the (video game joy) sticks every night.

That’s my self care. It’s nice to reminisce and just look back at those little things and just make each other laugh and think about the good times, because the good times always last. I’m grateful. I may never, ever get a chance to compete on the same card with him again, so I’m taking it all in and we’re looking to go out there and do some big things”.