Themba Gorimbo reflects on Dwayne Johnson’s support: “This is not me, this is God”

Themba Gorimbo shares his thoughts on Dwayne Johnson's support and talks about becoming the welterweight champion.

by Aryan Lakhani
Themba Gorimbo reflects on Dwayne Johnson’s support: “This is not me, this is God”
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Themba Gorimbo is steadily rising in the competitive welterweight division; he recently showcased his career-best performance against Pete Rodriguez. Gorimbo secured a vicious 32 second knockout in the very first round. Gorimbo is crystal clear about his plans for this year; he looks forward to becoming the new UFC welterweight champion.
People may find his goal a little difficult to digest, but anything is possible.

Gorimbo’s rise has been magical; Dwayne Johnson understood his struggle and could relate to his problem, and in response, he bought Gorimbo a new house so he would never have to worry about shelter again. Gorimbo is beyond grateful and knows that there is a higher power that is favouring him.

Themba Gorimbo on Dwayne Johnson’s support

Recently on The MMA Hour, Themba Gorimbo talked about the support received from Dwayne Johnson and explained how he looks forward to becoming the welterweight champion.

“There are very few stories like this, where someone uplifts you the way he did for me,"Gorimbo said as quoted by "Just being in America, for me, without the house and everything, just being America is a blessing, coming from where I come from, Bikita, it’s a rural area in Zimbabwe.

So it is a big thing just to be here and now to have someone like ‘The Rock’ supporting me being here, you just know that this is not me, this is not my doing. I just remind myself every day that this is not me, this is God”.

Themba Gorimbo on becoming the welterweight champion

“With self belief, hard work, and you surround yourself with the right people, the sky is the limit,I think that’s my life, that’s my story, and that’s why when I tell people I’m going to become the UFC welterweight champion in 2024 — it does not look like it, and everyone criticizes, but my story and my life is not normal, even to myself.

I don’t think I’m going to have a normal path to the title, but before you know if I’ll be there, and I’ll be taking the title and the world will then be like, ‘Oh, wow, that guy was real’”.