Chael Sonnen believes Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa will get canceled

Chael Sonnen explains why he thinks Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa will get canceled.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chael Sonnen believes Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa will get canceled
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The UFC fight analyst and former middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has an unusual take on the upcoming clash between Robert Whitaker and Paulo Costa. Chael Sonnen believes that Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker may not end up happening.

Sonnen backs his statement by saying that he hasn’t noticed Paulo Costa or Robert Whittaker behaving the way fighters do before a few weeks of fight night. Only time can tell whether Chael Sonnen’s intuition turns out to be true or not.

It’s unlikely for the fighters to withdraw from the event; Paulo Costa was supposed to fight Khamzat Chimaev in October but pulled out because of an injury, and Robert Whittaker needs this fight to progress to the top.

Chael Sonnen on Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

In a recent YouTube video, Chael Sonnen explained why he feels Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa will get called off. “I was asked what I thought about Jon Jones and ‘Rumble’ Johnson,” Sonnen said, as quoted by

“And I simply responded, ‘That fight will not happen.’ That was it, and a couple of weeks later, the fight blows up and it doesn’t happen. I didn’t have any inside scoop, I just never felt that that fight was going to happen.

I didn’t ever believe that those two were going to walk out there and for what reasons now, can’t fully remember. I am not that bullish on Paulo Costa vs. Robert Whittaker. I am not that bullish, but boy it’s along the same vein.

It doesn’t feel like those guys are getting ready to fight".

Chael Sonnen explains why Costa vs Whittaker won’t happen

"I will make an observation, and that observation is that Paulo Costa and Robert Whittaker are not behaving, and are not actively doing what other guys put in the same position that are three weeks, closing in on a fight that’s televised and monetized on pay-per-view, they are not doing what two opponents generally would do, that are going to plan to face each other”.

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